Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Hudud not Pakatan policy, insists S'gor MB

12:36PM Dec 23, 2014
By Adrian Wong
Hudud is not a common policy of Pakatan Rakyat, hence PAS should bring the issue to the Pakatan presidential council for discussion, said Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali.

He also stated that in the current economic crisis, Pakatan will be focusing on issues with “the higher objective of Syariah”, namely economic, social and security issues.

“These are big issues that need to be dealt with in Islamic Syariah, and also agreed upon by all great scholars (ulama besar) in the world.

“Not only today, but many years ago, the late Karpal Singh had attended the meeting at PAS headquarters, and Kelatan exco members were also present to explain the 1993 enactment. After a long discussion, then only we took this consensus among Pakatan.”

“If there is any new opinion or suggestion, it has to be brought back to the original consensus which was agreed among Pakatan, meaning that it has to go back to Pakatan's presidential council,” said Azmin, who is also PKR deputy president, after attending the 2014 Selangor Woman Leaders Convention today

The Kelantan PAS government will hold a special state assembly sitting on Dec 29 to speed up hudud implementation in the state, despite strong opposition from PKR and DAP.

“If you want to form a Pakatan's government, the policies must be in line with Pakatan... Hudud is not Pakatan common policy,” he said, adding that one cannot comment on this issue as an individual or a party as Pakatan is based on common issues.

Also, he pointed out that PAS has never brought this matter to Pakatan’s presidential council.

Yesterday, Selangor PAS information chief Zaidy Abdul Talib, who is also a Selangor exco members, urged PRK Selangor to support hudud law.

He said PKR should not follow in the footsteps of DAP, which rejects the implementation of hudud, as the majority members of the latter are non-Muslim.

Asked if a gag order will be instructed to his exco members on this issue, Azmin dismissed the suggestion.

“No, they are senior party leaders, they are mature, I believe they all will follow the decision made by Pakatan,” he said.
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