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Beating the drums of war out of...stupidity! -Dr Azmi Sharom

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Written By Dr Azmi Sharom
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azmi-sharomIt has occurred to me what the people who keep screaming about Islam being under threat and Malays being under threat are: firstly, they are not very bright and secondly, they are not very brave (I am avoiding using harsher language because I am by nature a polite fellow).
Why do I say that?
Well, let us deal with the lack of brightness first. Whenever they froth at the mouth about all these threats to Malays and Muslims, they never come up with any sort of proof. They will raise things like Malay-language bibles, people questioning religious authorities, and who knows what.
None of these things can conceivably be considered threatening anything. But not to these people. Oh no, they see threats everywhere! They are like children afraid of imaginary ghosts, scared to turn off the lights in case some ghoul jumps out of the dark.
Can they be that stupid? Maybe they are. But let us give them the benefit of the doubt. I mean, if one were to have such low intelligence, this would surely mean he or she should be institutionalised, but these people are all wondering around freely.
Well, if they are not that stupid, then why are they saying all these things?
Obviously, they have some warped agenda. I have no idea what that warped agenda is because, thank heavens, my mind does not work like theirs.
But what is really bad is that obviously, all these fellows think that the people of Malaysia (actually, make that the Malay people of Malaysia, since these chaps don’t care at all about non-Malays), are so simple-minded as to believe their baseless rantings. How insulting.
And on to the second point.
They are not very brave because they simply cannot bear to be faced with ideas that differ from theirs. Oh, they act brave. At the drop of a songkok, they will whip out their little kris and wave it around for all to see.
And they love using the language of war. They will scream that they are willing to fight to their death, their multiple chins wobbling with the effort. They talk a good fight, but they can’t fight at all. Definitely not in the realm of ideas.
When you can’t debate with others and you use oppressive laws to shut them up, be it the University and University Colleges Act or the Sedition Act, then what it means is that you are scared.
And if you are scared, and are unable to face your fears, then no matter how you like to pretend to be the great warrior, you are nothing but a coward.

Dr Azmi Sharom, Associate Professor of Law
~ The Rakyat Post

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