Friday, November 14, 2014

‘Setting up of select committee can boost integrity, transparency of DUN’

Posted on November 14, 2014, Friday

A PROPOSAL to consider the setting up of State Assembly Select Committee has been put forth to the State Legislative Assembly.

See Chee How (PKR-Batu Lintang) said the recommendation would be similar to the UK Commons Select Committee for each government department to monitor, examine and supervise their spending, policies and administration.

See, who is state PKR vice-chairman, said after India initiated its parliamentary reform in 1919, most countries practising the ‘Westminster Democracy’ followed suit by implementing their respective reforms to address inherent problems aimed at restoring the independence of each country’s legislative arm of government.

“In the context of our state and the Honourable Assembly, we do realise that the business of government is heavy and wide-ranging today, and we cannot expect all Assembly members to be informed about every issue that is affecting the state.

“In my humble opinion, learning the lessons from the other parliamentary legislative assemblies, ours can make constructive and effectual recommendations on how the governance and government can be improved,” he said when debating on state’s Budget 2015 yesterday.

See believed that the working of the select committee would be the answer to the needed mechanism to ensure that the state would be more prudent and disciplined in its financial management.

He also believed that with all members of the august House taking and sharing the greater responsibility, the government and the state would be more vigilant in upholding the highest standards of prudent financial and resources management that could ensure transparency, accountability, good governance and integrity of the state.

“With the select committees in place, all ministries, departments, statutory bodies and local authorities will ensure that financial compliance would improve work practices and enable the state to achieve a higher level of integrity, credibility and accountability in the public service.

“With a new Chief Minister, who has been repeatedly reminding us that it doesn’t matter whether we are in the ruling camp or in the opposition, we are all Sarawakians; and working for the cause of Sarawak, I certainly hope that the new administration would herald the necessary structural and institutional reforms for the betterment of the state.”

In a remark, See believed many of his colleagues in the Assembly would agree with him that they all could contribute so much more, beyond serving their respective constituents and gathering at the majestic Assembly for 16 days every year.

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