Friday, November 14, 2014

See calls for greater efficiency in management of projects

Posted on November 14, 2014, Friday

SEE Chee How (PKR-Batu Lintang) has expressed his dismay over the implementation of projects
granted under the Prime Minister’s Department this year.

According to him, only 20 per cent, or RM20.97 million, of the RM102.45 million allocation to implement 1,248 Public Infrastructure Project (PIA) and Basic Infrastructure Project (PIAS) projects for this year were spent as of October.

“Furthermore, out of the 1,248 approved PIA and PIAS projects, which include the building of roads and bridges, and provision of basic amenities to rural communities, 17 of them are still in the BQ stage, meaning the stage of preparing documentation,” he said when debating the Supply (2015) Bill, 2014 yesterday.

He noted that from the records, the chief implementation agencies of these projects were the district offices.

“The Chief Minister’s Office should have been briefed about this extremely unsatisfactory performance by the district offices statewide,” he said, calling on Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem or Local Government and Community Development Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh to enlighten the August House on the mechanisms to ensure that the RM85 million worth of PIA and PIAS projects would be carried out before the year-end.

“We certainly don’t want to be accused by the federal government that it has indeed made special grants for largely rural development to Sarawak, but it is due to our own shortcomings and inability to implement such projects approved and grants allocated, that the rural communities remain deprived and suffering from the lack of basic infrastructural development and amenities.”

See also expressed concern over the poor performance of the implementation of basic infrastructure projects under the ‘Project Mesra Rakyat’ (PMR) programme initiated by the Prime Minister.

“Under the PMR programme, each parliamentary constituency is given RM5 million for 2014 to implement basic infrastructure projects.

“The total number for PMR projects approved in all allocated Parliamentary constituencies nationwide for 2014 was 2,031 and the grants approved was RM115.24 million.Out of the 2,031 projects which are recommended by the Members of Parliament and supposedly to be implemented by the district offices, only 14 per cent, or 280 projects, worth RM14.56 million have been completed and 70 projects worth RM4.25 million (3.45 per cent) are in the various stage of implementation,” he said.

In pointing out that 1,681 PMR projects amounting to almost 83 per cent of the approved projects with a total value of RM96.74 million had not been implemented, he asked how many of these uncompleted and non-implemented PMR projects were in the state.

Citing Adenan, who in his budget speech on Monday highlighted the cordial relationship with the federal government and his belief that the federal government would continue to support the state with more funding for the development of basic infrastructure facilities and amenities particularly in rural areas, See said the incomplete projects would lead the federal government to say that despite giving the state the funding and grants, it was “our failure to utilise the grants and implement the projects for the good of the rural communities”.

“We must put in place a mechanism to ensure that we can achieve such responsibility to be more vigilant in upholding the highest standards of prudent financial and resource management; ensuring transparency, accountability, good governance and integrity,” he said.

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