Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sarawak reduces electricity tariffs

3:45PM Nov 19, 2014
By Joseph Tawie
Chief Minister Adenan Satem today announced that the state government will revise downward electricity tariffs for all domestic customers in the state effective from January 1, 2015.

For this purpose, the state government has carefully designed the tariff revision to provide the greatest assistance to low income customers, he said in his winding debate speech at the state assembly.

Adenan said that as a result, almost 60,000 customers will join the 70,000 that are already eligible for the federal government's RM20 subsidy.

That means some 130,000 low income customers in Sarawak will receive a zero monthly bill, he said.

"For the 50,000 customers that are not eligible for the federal government subsidy and are consuming up to 150 units per month, the tariff will be reduced by more than 40%.

"Furthermore, the 50,000 customers consuming between 150 and 200 units will get a reduction in tariff of 30%," he said.

Adenan said that the 80,000 customers presently consuming between 200 and 300 units per month will get a reduction in tariff of just below 20%.

The 50,000 consumers presently consuming 300 and 400 units per month will benefit from a reduction of around 10%, he said.

"The final 125,000 customers with the largest monthly consumption of more than 400 units will get a reduction of between 2% and 4%," he said, pointing out that in total, 240,000 customers or close to 50% of SEB's customers will benefit from a tariff reduction of between 20% and more than 40%.
~ Malaysiakini

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