Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Penan headman sends 'SOS' to CM for help

11:22AM Nov 26, 2014
A Penan village headman Panai Irang of Kampung Sepatai Ba Abang Sungai Akah, Ulu Baram has sent an ‘SOS’ to the Chief Minister Adenan Satem and the authorities to stop the interhill logging company and its contractors from destroying their forest .

“The activities of the company will not only take away our timber which we use for our use, but they are poisoning our rivers which are the sources of our drinking water as well as the sources our fish supply,” said Panai.

Accompanied by his lawyer Abun Sui Anyit, Panai had lodged a police report on Sunday at the Long Lama police station. A copy of the report was received by Malaysiakini.

In the report he appealed to the chief minister, the Police and the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate the logging activities of the company and its contractors.

“I believe the company and its contractors are illegally encroaching into the forest in our area,” he alleged.

He said that the villagers are strongly against logging activities in the area as the rivers which are their sources of drinking water and their sources of fish supply will be polluted.

Moreover, the trees which they have felled would become rotten  and poisonous and this would become a health hazard to them.

Panai said that he had met with the camp manager of the company urging him to stop carrying out logging activities in the area, but he refused. Instead he accused the Penan of being liars.

He went to his lawyer, who advised him to lodge a police report.

Lately, rampant illegal logging activities in Sarawak have come to light following the directive given by the Chief Minister to investigate.

Several people have been arrested and thousands of logs worth millions of ringgit have been seized.

It was reported that the illegal logging has caused the government to incur losses of more than RM100 million in terms of revenue.

~ Malaysiakini

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