Wednesday, November 26, 2014

'Is PBB defending interest only of rich towkays?'

4:19PM Nov 25, 2014
By Joseph Tawie
Lawyer-cum-social activist Abun Sui Anyit today questioned Parti Pesaka  Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) whether it is defending  the rights  and the interests of Bumiputera or the interest of the already super rich towkays who own big logging companies.

“If PBB is defending the interest of  the big towkays then it confirms that PBB is a party of ‘pagar makan padi’ and all this while it was only cheating and misleading Bumiputeras abusing and misusing Bumiputera’s name,” he said, when replying to Assistant Minister and PBB Assemblyperson of Asajaya Abdul Karim Hamzah.

Abdul Karim (left) who slammed Abun Sui for leading a protest against the proposed Baram dam project last week described his move as a ‘political gimmick’.

He asked Abun Sui whether he really knew what he was objecting against or whether he really understood what the government was planning to do.

In a statement given to Malaysiakini, Abun Sui, who is the president of Gerakan anak Sarawak (GASAK) hit back at the PBB leader saying that as one of the victims of the dam project, he understood the suffering for losing their huge size of native customary rights (NCR) land.

“The affected people in Bakun are losing everything – their NCR land, cultural heritage and their way of life and so are the people in Batang Ai and Murum due to the dams.

“How are these dams benefiting them?” he asked, pointing out that only ministers like Abdul Karim and his bosses and a few big companies are allegedly  profiting from  mega dam projects.

Abun Sui who is a lawyer defending NCR landowners against the government, called on PBB to stop the dams and revoke the timber licences issued to the super rich companies especially over NCR land of Kampung Long Kesseh and Kampung Long Na’ah.

He believed PBB as the backbone of the Sarawak government is the one which issued licences to the timber companies in the Baram dam area and it is also the one which can revoke the licences.

“Please heed the cries of suffering from the Baram people,” he said.

Failure to heed the cries of the people has prompted him to ask whether PBB is only defending the interest of the super rich towkays who own big timber companies only.

He said that Abdul Karim and PBB ministers and leaders know the answer.

On November 15, 2014 GASAK members and some 60 Baram villagers led by Abun Sui demonstrated peacefully in front of the Forestry Department at Pelita Tunku in Miri protesting against the construction of the Baram dam project.

After the demonstration, they handed over a memorandum to the forest and police departments demanding the government to immediately stop the dam project.
~ Malaysiakini

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