Monday, October 27, 2014

UM students stand their ground

October 27, 2014
The public is invited to join a march to Dewan Tunku Chancellor tonight.
PETALING JAYA: Fahmi Zainol, the embattled president of the Universiti Malaya Undergraduates Association (PMUM) stood his ground against the ban imposed on a scheduled talk by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim tonight at Dewan Tunku Chancellor.
In a statement to the media, Fahmi invited students from all over the Klang Valley as well as members of the public in the surrounding neighbourhoods to join in a march to the hall to hear Anwar speak.
“For all those who are coming, please assemble at the UM main gate, the Kuala Lumpur Gate, at 8pm and together we will march to Dewan Tunku Chancellor. All in attendance are asked to follow the directions of the commandant that will be giving instructions from time to time,” he said, adding the event would be completely objective as the PMUM only intends to give Anwar a space to discuss the charges brought against him.
Saying that there was no reason for the programme to be considered a threat to the university, Fahmi defended the talk as a show of UM’s openness to all fields of knowledge that not only benefitted undergraduates, but also the public at large.
He also had a few choice words for deputy vice-chancellor of Student Affairs Rohana Yusof, saying he had expected it when she called the event “haram”, as it was not the first time she had exhibited such behaviour.
“(She) can send as many show cause letters as she likes. She can also take any disciplinary action on us as she has the authority to do that. But we will not stop from carrying out our agenda of enlightenment for our fellow undergraduates, not just in UM but throughout all of Malaysia.
“…This is a signal to the UM authorities that we are tired of the shackles used to make the undergraduates stupid.
“We are bored of complicated procedures that are constantly used as excuses to restrict the activities of the undergraduates,” he declared.
Sources have notified FMT that as of 4pm, Universiti Malaysia will be on lockdown.
Additionally, electricity was shut off under the guise of ‘maintenance’.
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