Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Study loan defaulters barred from leaving Malaysia

Published: 14 October 2014

Over 700,000 Malaysians, including those who failed to repay their National Higher Education Fund  (PTPTN) loans, are on the Immigration Department's travel backlist, The Star reported today.
Of the total number of Malaysians blacklisted, 85,000 comprised PTPTN loan defaulters.
The  travel ban is also imposed on 277,693 Malaysians listed under the Insolvency Department for failing to settle their debts.
Tax defaulters are also on the blacklist, with 135,111 persons named by the Inland Revenue Board.
Another 32,516 Malaysians who have violated laws in foreign countries, including overstaying, have also been barred from leaving the country.
Also blacklisted are 115,803 foreigners who have overstayed in Malaysia.
Immigration's security and passport division director Ibrahim Abdullah told The Star that as long as a person was on the blacklist, they would not be allowed to pass the Immigration checkpoint, even if they have a valid flight ticket.
"It doesn't matter if you are planning to leave by flight, rail, road or sea," he told The Star.
The report added that the travel ban will also be imposed on those with outstanding Employees Provident Fund issues, including those who had failed to file their EPF contributions. A total of 10,219 Malaysians and 532 foreigners are listed under this category.
Meanwhile, The Star also reported PTPTN chief executive officer Agos Cholan as saying that they had to resort to barring the study loan defaulters from leaving the country as they had ignored repeated reminders to repay their loans.
Agos had also reportedly said that to lift the travel ban, defaulters would need to make some payment immediately, with the amount determined by their income. – October 14, 2014.
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