Monday, October 13, 2014


11 OCTOBER 2014

I was shocked at Nancy Shukri’s explanation for the decision of the AG not to prosecute Ibrahim Ali for his call to burn our bibles. By making such a statement, Nancy is perceived to be defending a known extremist like Ibrahim Ali. This will undoubtedly embolden him and his ilk to carry on with their hateful supremacist agenda.  

As a fellow lawyer, I am appalled that Nancy Shukri has tried to defend her earlier statement by invoking the Federal Constitution. What sort of twisted logic is she applying to find in the Federal Constitution justification for insulting people of a different faith and calling for their holy books to be burnt? A purported defence of one's religion cannot be used to exculpate one's blatant breach of the law. A wrong under the law is a wrong.

When she was appointed the Law Minister, Sarawakians were heartened that there would be someone in the PM’s office who understood and appreciated the true meaning of racial and religious harmony, and that she would speak up on issues that are important to all Malaysians. We expected that she would rise above religious bigotry and stand on the side of the law. It is obvious that our hopes were misplaced. Nancy Shukri was entrusted to protect the rights of all Malaysians, but she has now joined the list of ministers who are ministers for the BN and Muslims foremost. 

An elected representative who chooses not to engage her mind in basic critical analysis of what is right and decent, and instead allows herself to be a used as an apologist for pathetic religious extremists does not deserve to hold office as a minister. Not only should the Christians not support her, any reasonable voter should not support such stand. I am thankful that there are right-minded Malaysians of all religions who have condemned the statements made by Nancy Shukri. I fully echo the statements of the CFM and Bishop Paul Tan on the matter, and I commend James Masing for being the first BN minister to speak his mind. The Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and our Chief Minister Adenan Satem should reprimand her for her inexcusable blunder.

I hope that Nancy will try to redeem herself by apologising to all Malaysians for her poor judgment and tender her resignation for failing us.


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