Friday, September 12, 2014

Will reports be made over Dr M's 'Malays are lazy'?

7:59AM Sep 12, 2014
COMMENT So will right-wing Malay groups make a beeline outside police stations to file a battery of reports against former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad?

What about the self-appointed defender of the Malays, Ibrahim Ali? What is the Perkasa chief's take on the scathing indictment of his race by the movement's patron?

And will Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) chief Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman sound the clarion call?

Last but not least, will the identity crisis suffering Ridhuan Tee Abdullah pen a vitriolic response to these "ultra kiasu" comments in his weekly newspaper column?

Speaking of Ridhuan, it is often suggested that the 89-year-old former prime minister, too, is afflicted by a similar condition.

Speaking at the book launch of ‘Wahai Melayu’ by entrepreneur Anas Zubedy yesterday, Mahathir systematically ran down the country’s majority ethnic group.

He called them "lazy", "unashamed of being failures" and accused them of "lacking integrity in handling money" and even went as far as suggesting that they are petty thieves.

Such derogatory remarks are far worse than calling Umno "celaka" and one wonders if Umno Youth would storm the octogenarian's house in protest.

Furthermore, aren't Mahathir's remarks considered seditious? Will the current sedition law dragnet include him as well?

This is not a call for the police to investigate the ex-PM under the Sedition Act but to point out the double standard and selective application of the law.

As for Mahathir, such racially-tainted statements come as no surprise, given his track record. He is known for his sweeping remarks and has, time and again, condemned Malays as he did the Jews last month.

When airing his views on the military strikes on Palestine, he had dismissed all Jews as evil following the brutal actions of Israel.

Never mind that many Jews around the world also protested against the Zionist regime.

Similarly, there are many Malays who are hardworking and possess immaculate integrity in matters of finance.


One observer quipped that perhaps Mahathir was using Umno leaders as the yardstick for his critique.

In the foreword of Anas’ book Mahathir penned, he again defended the New Economic Policy (NEP) and warned Malays against the perils of rejecting affirmative actions.

Is this not a contradiction?

On one hand, he supports a policy that provides a head start to its recipients of a certain race, who in return might slip into a comfort zone and lose their competitive edge.

And on the other hand, he accuses them of bone idling and not working hard enough.

Affirmative actions must be colour blind and be extended to those in a disadvantaged economic positionm irrespective of colour and creed.

In the case of the NEP, there has been much abuse over the decades, which have rendered the policy's aims unachievable.

As for Mahathir and his tongue-lashing, "lazy" he is not, "unashamed" he is not, but the jury is still out on whether the former prime minister of 22 years is qualified to broach the subject of "integrity".
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