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On Obama’s 'praise', Najib should do reality check

8:24AM Sep 28, 2014
By Yoursay
YOURSAY 'With UPSR leaks just weeks ago, one must really revisit the reality.'

Progressive: We have a lot of good things going for us. Good accolades help our country's image ‑ we are proud of that. And good work needs to be praised. Well done! All said and done ‑ there is apartheid-like government racism, intolerance to differing viewpoints, no respect for the rule of law and constitution... Najib Abdul Razak ‑ should we say more?

Kim Quek: Before Najib loses himself on self‑praise over a casual remark by US President Barack Obama, would he care to tell us what kind of business relationship his secretive and potentially disastrous ‘sovereign wealth fund’ 1Malaysia Development Board (1MDB) has built up with Obama’s chief fund raiser Frank White.

Sarawak Report disclosed that Frank White (via his company) and 1MDB are partners in a company that was dubiously awarded a solar energy project in Kedah worth RM1 billion, though a similar project of the same capacity elsewhere costs only less than one third of the Malaysian price.

With such a windfall landed at his lap, could Frank White help not to feel optimistic about Malaysia’s “vibrant entrepreneurship”? And could that optimism have crept into Obama’s speech? The relevant Sarawak Report article can be read here.‑needs‑a‑longer‑spoon‑to‑dine‑with‑najib‑razak/

Dalvik: Obama may praise like normal westerners do (they are generous at giving praise) but as a leader, Najib ought to do reality check:

1) Malaysia is world top five in money-laundering.

2) The national debt is at all time high.

3) Serious talent drain.

Ironically, this speech was made during an education-related function. With UPSR exam question leaks happening just weeks ago, one must really revisit the reality.

Shibboleth: It’s always risky to praise someone or some country. Things may unfold and tell a different story over the next few years. When Chou En Lai, the Chinese premier in the early 80s, was asked by the French ambassador what he thought of the French Revolution’s impact on current politics, he paused and remarked, "It’s too early to tell."

Angry Citizen: If we have a dolt of a second education minister equating louder applause to some false notion of Malaysia pulling off some spectacular improvement in civil society, can we expect our education system to really excel? And we cannot blame Obama as in the land of the blind the one led by the one-eyed Najib has to look relatively better.

But at the rate the extreme elements in Umno are going, the day may come when we would be totally blind and Obama would have to cast about for better examples.

Man on the Street: I like this part - "During the three‑course western meal, the leaders were hyping up Malaysia's standing in the international arena in their speeches." The Umno leaders of this country are only good at hyping up things at their own ministries. They have taken this hyping up of things to an international level.

An excellent example of hyping up is that the country has the best system of education but UPSR exam papers can leak. Making primary school kids cry. Another example, a vow to investigate seditious remarks within 24 hours. These guys are having three‑course western meals to fill their stomachs after all these lies in their own home country. Is the three‑course meal halal?

Pemerhati: Quote: “Malaysia was one of the Muslim countries mentioned in Obama's address to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday on the development of civil society as an alternative to extremism.” If Malaysia was the best example that Obama could find to show that there has been development of civil society as an alternative to extremism in Muslim countries, then the other Muslim countries must be in extremely bad shape.

We may not be a Pakistan or a Somalia or a Sudan, but since Umno and Najib are actively encouraging their vile and bigoted subsidiaries like Isma and Perkasa to spew their vile and venomous racist poison to divide the people on a regular basis, it won’t be long before Malaysia joins their ranks.

Anonymous_1371527725: The first prerequisite for change (for the better) is to realise one's own shortfalls, but our leaders seem to be living in a land of self‑grandeur. So sad. When will they wake up and face reality? Our country is already going down the slippery slope of self‑destruction.

Jaguh: Oh, Obama is so great. One mention of Malaysia and our Umno goons get multiple orgasms.

The loud applause was for sympathy for Malaysia due to MH370 and MH17.

Bamboo: It's impossible for Obama not to know that the Malaysian government is using the Sedition Act to harass opposition leaders and civil society activists. He knows of the systemic corruption prevalent in the government. Obama heaps praises on Najib to get cooperation for keeping silent on MH370.

Anticonmen: At home, fix up the opposition using sodomy and sedition. At the UN, talk about democratic government. Double standard hypocrisy. At home, rob from inflated contracts and projects. At the UN, talk about development and advanced economy and foreign investment. Fraud.

Anonymous_3faa: What infantile self‑praises! Louder claps meant more support? Has the UN Assembly installed a clap meter to assess the volume of applause like they do on American TV games and shows? Really, Najib is desperate to buff his image overseas not realising that the Big Powers know what he is (in)capable of. Our leaders are so easily fooled! What a joke!

Anonymous #06001393: Ha-ha, louder applause. The entrepreneurship is due to all Malaysians, not only Umno members, yah. Wait till Obama warns us about religious intolerance, then you guys will be saying “interfering in our affairs”.

World Citizen: "Heading towards an advanced economy". A never‑ending journey...

Spinnot: Obama clearly has done his homework ‑ he knows Najib's "You help me, I help you" policy.

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