Tuesday, August 5, 2014

MB crisis will not ruin Pakatan, assures Anwar

3:20PM Aug 5, 2014

MP SPEAKS Much has been said over the past weeks on the possible break-up of Pakatan Rakyat particularly on account of the friction between PKR and PAS over the choice of Menteri Besar for Selangor.

Let me reiterate my position: Pakatan Rakyat will not break up because of the choice of MB but it can and it will break up if any of its component parties compromises on its core principles, of integrity, transparency and accountability in government.

It was on these principles that Pakatan Rakyat was formed to provide an alternative choice of government for the people, the very principles that the BN government have violated for the past five decades of power.

Indeed the results of the 12th general election on March 8, 2008 showed beyond the shadow of a doubt that Pakatan’s struggle anchored on those principles resonated with the people and their yearning for a government that is clean, principled and dedicated to the interests of all citizens.

In this great effort, all in the Pakatan coalition as well as those supportive of our efforts worked tirelessly together in the 13th General Election, against tremendous odds, to give hope to the people of Malaysia.

All our efforts have not been in vain; we won the hearts and minds of the majority of the Malaysian voters although we were prevented from forming government.

But what is of the greatest importance is that a strong opposition has forced the government to be more accountable and restrained some of their excesses, although the fight for a truly clean, transparent government is far from over.

This strength cannot be built on whims and fancies, let alone mistrust, grudge or envy.

It was built on commitment and conviction and it was this strength that propelled the coalition partners to fight side by side in GE13.

The coalition must therefore consolidate this strength to remain together and resist all attempts to break it apart.

Each member party of the coalition must therefore respect collective decisions made after consultation.

Failure to respect and honour this principle of adherence may warrant some difficult decisions to be made.

Ready to face snap polls

The Pakatan leadership had an understanding as to whose call it was to appoint the MB for Selangor, just as we have respected the right of other parties to make that decision in other states. That understanding must be adhered to.

We are confident that the Selangor MB issue will be resolved amicably in the true Pakatan spirit; either through a smooth transition, a vote of no-confidence or even if snap elections is called.

There are no objective reasons for such an election, given that BN has only 12 seats in the 56-member House, and GE13 was held just 15 months ago.

Nonetheless, if snap elections are called despite these critical facts, Pakatan is ready to face the electorate, and are confident that the rakyat of Selangor will again support us.

We are equally concerned at the divisive and racist tone by some minor Pakatan leaders that completely violate the core values of our coalition. We believe the appropriate disciplinary action should be directed against such members.

The rakyat must be left in no doubt that if tough decisions have to be made, they will be made in the best interests of the rakyat and for the sake of the rakyat.

Whether or not we lose support for the stand we take, we will be forever committed to the goal of a just, corruption-free and truly democratic Malaysia.

What we can assure is that we will NEVER deviate from our core values and we will always put the interests of the rakyat first.

We are certain that we will emerge stronger from these events. The rakyat have put their trust in us, and we will ensure that we are worthy of that trust.

Whatever happens, Pakatan, whose bedrock is the will of the people, will endure! Insya Allah!

ANWAR IBRAHIM is MP for Permatang Pauh, Parliamentary Opposition Leader and PKR de facto leader.

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