Friday, August 15, 2014

Lawas town now 'den' for illegal activities

10:25AM Aug 15, 2014
By Dukau Papau
State assemblyperson for Ba'Kelalan Baru Bian is worried that a small town like Lawas, with a population of some 30,000, has turned into a den for drug activities and illegal on-line gambling, attracting students, civil servants and police personnel.

It seems that the authorities are not bothered about it."The situation has now become very ‘tero' (serious).

"I was told there are more than 30 illegal centres for gambling on line, and they as parents are worried that their school-going children are involved,” he said.

These centres are mushrooming in the town, and even in residential areas with  many civil servants being  declared bankrupt from the gambling habit, said Baru (right), who is Sarawak PKR chief.

Baru blamed lack of enforcement as a contributing factor, pointing out that the gambling centres are openly advertise their premises with their Christmas-like lights.

The public have urged the police to raid, make some arrests and seizures, he said, adding that so far he had  yet to see anyone prosecuted.

Baru said: "I have raised the issues of drug activities in the town in the state assembly, and there were two or three other elected representatives raising the same issues.

"I even said of allegations against certain police personnel of being involved in drug activities. For that I was interviewed by the police about two months ago.

"I told them everything that I know. Now I want to know the status of the investigation," he said.

Last week, he said, he received a photograph of drug-business transition carried out in broad daylight which showed that they were not scared of being arrested.

Baru said that he and concerned members of the public would be organising a drug awareness campaign on Sept 13.

He wanted the public, parents, students and civil servants to support the campaign.
~ Malaysiakini

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