Friday, August 15, 2014

Dossier on Khalid's faults distributed in Sarawak

11:00AM Aug 15, 2014
By Dukau Papau
PKR has started to distribute in Sarawak copies of the dossier released in Peninsular Malaysia on the misdoings of Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, leading to the party telling him to resign as head of the Selangor government.

Copies of the dossier, which were also given to leaders of Pakatan Rakyat in an effort by PKR to win their support for its move against Khalid, have been distributed to division and branch leaders in the state, since yesterday.

Khalid's refusal to resign subsequently sparked his expulsion from the party and PKR argued that the move was to prevent Pakatan from breaking up over the crisis.

In Kuching, a Sarawak PKR committee member, , told the media that he had been invited to attend a briefing on the dossier and was directed to keep all branch leaders and members informed on the matter.

“The party leadership has decided to distribute the dossier so that party members and the general public will know why PKR decided to sack Khalid.

“The information and the alleged faults of the Selangor menteri besar have affected his integrity” said Baharuddin (right), who is PKR Petrajaya branch chairperson.

“We need to disclose details in the dossier as there are allegations and claims hurled at the party leadership, especially against PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

“Many people are blaming Anwar for the crisis in the party as a result of removing Khalid as menteri besar,” he said.

Besides the suspicious out-of-court settlement between Khalid and Bank Islam over Khalid's unpaid RM59.5 million loan, he said the dossier also tells of other matters.

Among them are the payment of RM16 million to an Umno-linked businessman and Khalid’s approval of state land worth more than RM1 billion for a housing project to a company owned by an Umno businessman.

'Khalid appears to be a lone ranger'

Khalid, he added, appeared to be a lone ranger in making those decisions.

Baharuddin went on to state that members of the PKR supreme council gave 100 percent support to remove Khalid, and therefore it was wrong to say that the decision to remove him as Selangor menteri besar was Anwar's alone.

“The whole situation has become murky because of involvement of Umno. Initially, PAS leaders were not aware of all these.

“Now, the PAS leaders have been informed,” he added, expressing the hope that PAS would support the move to remove Khalid.

 “With the disclosure of the dossier,  we hope the people at large will understand once and for all the reasons behind Khalid’s dismissal.

“At the same time, PKR wants to put the record straight as there are ‘truths, half-truths and no truths’ that have been raised in the media, including social media,” Baharuddin added.

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