Friday, August 8, 2014


7 AUGUST 2014

I have received many calls asking for my reaction to what is happening in the political scenario in Selangor now and my thoughts as to how this will impact upon our state PR ties and the next state elections.

Firstly, we have no direct involvement in the events that are happening in Selangor; we are watching developments from afar, like others here. As the matter is not yet concluded, we cannot say if it will have any effect on the politics in Sarawak and Sabah. If it is resolved satisfactorily and properly, then we don’t foresee it having any major impact on us here.

It is thus premature to comment on the possible ramifications, if any, of the events playing out in Selangor.

We hope that the Menteri Besar issue will be resolved in the spirit of the PR coalition, in accordance with the principles of integrity, accountability and transparency, as said by Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim in his statement a few days ago.

As for the complaint lodged with the ROS, this is the first time I’ve heard of this. The party elections are conducted and overseen by our party headquarters and we have no jurisdiction at the state level.

I understand that the main Party Elections Committee had come to hear the complaints. However, I was not asked to attend any hearing and we were not involved directly in the hearings.

Moreover, I have been given to understand that the maker of the complaint, supposedly from our Miri branch, is not a registered member of the party. His name does not appear in our register, and the person accompanying him who is showing such moving concern for the party is not from Sarawak. I have also been given to understand that the authenticity of the complaints lodged with the Elections Committee was questionable. The question needs to be asked why a small group of individuals are so determined to have the results of our party elections invalidated. Some may say that they must be motivated by some other factor than love of the party but that is not for me to speculate. All I can say is that the jostling for positions in the party is testament to the fact that PKR is a strong and effective party, and that we have become a viable alternative to the BN/UMNO government.

It is our hope that these matters will be settled quickly and satisfactorily so that PKR can get down to the business of governing Selangor and preparing for the Sarawak elections quickly.


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