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7 AUGUST 2014

I was amused to read in the paper today that Nelson Balang asked the people of Ba’ Kelalan to return to BN’s fold if they want projects. Putting aside the fact that it is totally against democratic principles to deprive opposition-held areas of allocations from government funds and that he should be embarrassed to acknowledge that this is happening in Sarawak, I would like to point out that I have been the state assemblyman for just 3 years while the seat was a BN stronghold for 50 years before I took over. Let us also not forget that the MP for the area is from BN and has always been. What has the BN done over these 50 years for the people of Ba’ Kelalan? Do the people have full access to basic amenities, internet facilities, proper infrastructure, decent schools and adequate medical care? Is Ba’ Kelalan buzzing with economic activity and development?

If Nelson Balang wants the people of Ba’ Kelalan to vote for BN in the next state elections, I have some friendly advice to give him and the BN leaders.

1. BN should tar seal the road from Lawas to Bario within the next 2 years, before the state elections.
2. BN should give titles to all NCR land in all N70 villages stretching from Lawas up to Bario.
3. BN should install mini-hydroelectricity facilities for every village in N70.
4. BN should ensure that all schools in N70 are upgraded and given full facilities. I visited 2 schools this morning and was appalled that SK Long Sebangang has no source of fresh water, depending on rain water for their needs. The JKR waterpipe runs past the school but does not supply them - I cannot think of a logical explanation for this. SK Long Tuma needs immediate attention; it is beyond dilapidated – it is crumbling before our eyes and the wiring is a huge and dangerous mess. BN should look into these immediately and also into the needs of all the other schools which I have highlighted over the past year, both in the press and in the State Assembly.
5. BN should immediately start work on building a secondary school in Long Semadoh.
6. BN should immediately send doctors to all the rural clinics in N70 because at the moment, there are none at all.
7. BN should seriously tackle the drug problems that are widespread in N70.
8. BN should cancel timber licences granted over land in N70 to stop the non-stop logging that is changing the landscape in N70 and polluting our fresh water supply.

I can assure Nelson Balang that if BN can deliver these 8 pressing needs to the people of Ba’ Kelalan, the people will vote for BN in the next elections and I can retire happily to my home in the highlands.

Nelson Balang proudly boasts about the RM300 million of projects he brought to the constituency, but he neglected to enlighten us as to the number of projects that were successfully implemented and from which the people are benefitting now. As we all know, it is one thing to talk about projects, but the actual implementation of such projects is often a totally different matter in Malaysia. For instance, the water treatment plant in Buduk Nur is not functioning, and several mini-hydro projects were actually installed by the Rotary Club.

I know that the voters of N70 Ba’ Kelalan are matured voters now – they know what we have or have not done, and what BN’s promises are worth. The people will make the right choice, as is their prerogative.  It is unbecoming to try to entice them with promises of projects. Let your record speak for you.

And finally, I am confident the voters of N70 understand this phrase 'Man shall not live by bread alone....' because there are more important things in life than 'mere projects and development'.


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