Monday, July 21, 2014


21 JULY 2014

I refer to the article in today’s Star on DAP Sarawak’s threat to withdraw from the PR coalition in Sarawak.

PKR Sarawak is surprised and shocked that DAP Sarawak has seen fit to issue an ultimatum to our common partner PAS over their stand on hudud without prior consultation with or notification to us. On my part, I feel a deep regret that DAP Sarawak should feel that we in the state PKR have been non-committal about the issue, even after the statements I have made about this matter.

In order to refresh their memories, I wish to invite them to read my statements “Sarawak under no obligation to follow PM on Hudud Law” dated 30 April 2014 and “Sarawak agreed to the formation of a Secular Malaysia,” dated 18 June 2014 which were published in the local papers and shared widely on social media. Our stand could not be clearer or any more unequivocal, if they would care to read the reports. We have never faltered from holding firm to the guarantees of the Sarawak Constitution and the terms of the Malaysia Agreement.

I must say that I am rather puzzled that DAP Sarawak has taken this step independently of DAP at the national level, when the national DAP has not given any indication of their position regarding this move. Perhaps there are internal factors and extraneous considerations at play here but far be it from me to speculate on such matters. Suffice to say that I am deeply disappointed that DAP Sarawak should take such a drastic step at this time when the State Election is imminent.

Baru Bian
Chairman, PKR Sarawak

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