Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fools rush in where good men fear to tread

June 18, 2014

Surely but slowly bigots and extremists in our midst are desecrating our freedom.
perkasa_crowd_300x200Syed Izzaddin Jaafar
For all the bluster on moderation bandied by the current administration, what we are really witnessing is a steady corrosion of civil society here in Malaysia.
The force that is slowly desecrating the freedom that is guaranteed under our Federal Constitution is none other than the all-too familiar spectre of Malay supremacy, a fallacy propagated by those blinded by entitlement, bigotry and racism.
These propagators, Perkasa, Isma et al, represent a continuation of the old elitist order of Malay politics where feudalism is valued more than rights and fear of others is used to exact control over the population.
Whereas the old order used to be defined by its pukka British accent, red-brick education and blue-blood connection, the new wave of self-appointed “wira bangsa” is born from the NEP, cheap patriotism and misplaced pride. It is a case of elites breeding extremists and the chickens have now come home to roost. These are your fear-mongers, the new Bangsawan for the not-so-new millennium. These are the true oppressors, both of the Malays and the rest of the population.
They oppress us not by force or violence but through monopolising the minds and opinions of their fellow Malays (Ridhuan Tee is an exception, in more ways than one). They couched their public statements by invoking Islam at every turn and denounced those who disagree with them as infidels. They aroused emotions by way of symbolism, keris-this-and-warisan-that yet their grasp of history is less than cursory and filled with inconsistencies. For them truth is contextual, and only they have the right to derive whatever context to fulfil their lopsided agenda.
While the old elites used to at least believe in fair play (while never really fully practising it), these new Bangsawan is defined by their sanctimonious stupidity. They do not care about the opinions of others, they do not even care to defend what they have said. What they care about is to gather more followers to their cause. These people, by all accounts, are well educated yet they betray their fancy honours degree just to satiate their unjustified fear of others.
What is most worrying is the fact that more people are being enticed by these bigots. There are institutions being hijacked and turned into breeding ground for future extremists. We must not allow this to happen. It is time for us to wrest back our rights from being continuously trampled by these phony Bangsawans. When civility triumphs over bigotry, these extremists will be exposed for what they really are: a bunch of non-entities eking out some meaning through the exploitation of unfounded fears.

~ Free Malaysia Today

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