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One by one, Umno veterans expose party secrets but why?

30/05/2014 - 08:00     

Hazlan Zakaria

QUICK TAKE: It’s possible that of late, some Umno veterans had an attack of conscience, their Jiminy Cricket (the cricket with a conscience in Disney's animated film, Pinocchio) stamping his little feet on their shoulders and shaming them into coming clean.
Some people, however, are sceptical of their motives, suspecting it is more mercenary in nature, either self-profit or lured by Pakatan Rakyat.
But Umno veterans are certainly coming out so to speak, exposing the Malay party's buried secrets along the way.
Either way, one by one we are seeing veterans speaking out to reveal this or that, dragging embarrassing and at times damning skeletons from the party's closet into the open.
One can liken their move to creating their own version of the 60’s famed American rock band Grateful Dead's “Skeletons from the Closet” album, Umno secrets style.
Will this spell the end of Umno and the BN ruling coalition that it controls with a tight grip in the next general election?
Indeed if the revelations all snowball and add to the rakyat's tiredness with the age-old BN ways, this may be the straw that can help Pakatan break the ruling coalition's back.
The latest to speak out was former minister Tan Sri Sabaruddin Chik who disclosed the alleged ministerial intervention in the loan policies of Bank Rakyat to the detriment of the bank, from which his service as chairman was recently terminated.
Sabaruddin's revelation, however, was questioned by some as to why he waited until now and would he have come forward if he had been reappointed Bank Rakyat chairman.
Before Sabaruddin, former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam also made a shocking revelation about what he claimed is the real story when he was thought to be in charge during the controversial Memali incident.
The much criticised incident saw deaths on the side of the police and alleged terrorists at the village stronghold of the PAS-linked religious teacher Ibrahim Libya.
He revealed that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was actually in Malaysia and in control despite official reports saying the then premier was on a visit to China.
But Umno veterans are not the only ones coming forward, as former GLC officials have also been known going public with allegations of wrongdoings by the Umno-led BN government.
Of late, the most talked about was the accusation levelled by national power company Tenagal Nasional’s former executive chairperson Tan Sri Ani Arope.
Ani alleged that the government orchestrated the appearance of electricity shortage during the 1992 blackout to create opportunities for crony-owned IPPs.
These all added up to the list of damning and shaming tunes of Umno's skeletons from the closet playlist. But whether it will affect Umno and BN's support base at all remains to be seen.
After all, the ruling coalition has survived many cases of abuse of power and corruption via its well-practised political and legal acrobatics.
But there are signs that the rakyat are slowly getting wise to BN's trickery and sick of the ruling coalition's rhetoric, demanding for cleaner and more transparent governance without Umno's skeletons from the closet.
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