Monday, May 19, 2014

In Christian-bashing 101, even a fake priest and nun will do

MAY 19, 2014
UiTM's Facebook page which shows the names of the three speakers at the seminar. – May 19, 2014.UiTM's Facebook page which shows the names of the three speakers at the seminar. – May 19, 2014.It speaks volumes about the integrity of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) and the groups linked with the recent hate-mongering session against Christianity – that the slam-fest was anchored by frauds.
Correction. Fraud is too polite a word in this instance. They were impostors. Liars.
Checks by The Malaysian Insider with religious authorities in Indonesia show that L S Mokoginta is not a former Catholic priest who converted to Islam as he so proudly proclaimed. Yes, he is a Muslim but he was never a priest.
And get ready for this. Irena Handono is not a former nun. But why let fudging of the biodata get in the way of a hatchet job against Christianity.
Rule of thumb for crooks, charlatans and those with an agenda to hurt and poison: find someone with an "appearance of credibility and knowledge" and unleash them on the target.
What better ammunition against Christians than those being spewed by a former nun and former priest.
Irena stayed a short time in a convent before leaving. Religious sisters and nuns often spend years in formation before they take their vows. After that, they teach in schools, work with the poor and underprivileged, or spend much time behind closed doors in prayer.
Staying in a convent for a short time and claiming to be a nun is akin to going to law school for a year and claiming to be able to practice as a lawyer.
Irena now makes a good living travelling the circuit as a Christian basher. Good luck to her on her vocation of choice but if you lie so brazenly about your background, it does say much about your integrity and suggests that somewhere along the way, you discarded the moral compass.
Indonesian church authorities say that Mokongita was never a priest. And yet the man had the temerity to speak as a former man of the cloth and urge Christians to leave the religion.
There was so much wrong with what happened at the hate session at UiTM. The hatchet job against a major religion was wrong. The use of a university venue to poison young minds was wrong. And getting impostors to masquerade as speakers with intellectual heft was so wrong.
But we can only guess when you don't have integrity, everything is possible. Cheating. Lying. And fielding frauds. – May 19, 2014.
~ The Malaysian Insider

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