Thursday, May 8, 2014



I am appalled and overwhelmed with indignation on reading the report on the “SEMINAR KALIMAH ALLAH DAN KRISTOLOGI NUSANTARA” organized by UiTM on the 6th of May 2014 at Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor UiTM, Shah Alam with the blessing of the Vice -Chancellor. This is a blatant attack on Christianity and the Christians in this country without the benefit of rebuttal from any Christian theologians. This is a clear breach of the provisions of the Penal Code and the Sedition Act. From the program made available to me, and the various reports on the presentations by various panels, it was undoubtedly a calculated and blatant bashing of the Christian religion without the slightest respect for the Christian faith and the Christians in this country. They publicly ridiculed the Christian faith to high heaven without any concern of the consequence of their acts. This was a public forum where non-Muslims students were forced to attend. I was told that 12 students from Sabah were converted after the program. This forum had definitely caused ill feelings, strife and hatred amongst the students and the public at large. I was informed of a Christian student who cried throughout the program upon hearing how the speakers belittled and criticized her faith and religion.

UiTM is my alma mater and I am deeply ashamed that my said alma mater had been used for such a heinous act against my own religion. UiTM you have brought many of us (alumni of UiTM) to public ridicule and shame. I demand the police and the Government to carry out a thorough investigation and that the Vice Chancellor be sacked immediately so that such incidents will not be repeated in any of the Colleges and Universities in the future. Institutions of Higher Learning cannot and should not be abused and made used of by such racist and religious bigots knowing that public moneys including the Christians, fund these Institutions of Higher Learning.

I believe that this incident is part and parcel of a bigger ploy by the racial and religious extremists working hand-in-glove with certain political groups to destabilize this country to achieve their own religious and political agendas. This is evidenced from the following headlines to date:

1.   Isma: Chinese migration into Tanah Melayu ‘a mistake” which must be rectified (Malay Mail Online)

2.   Chinese are intruders who bully Malays, says Isma (Malaysiakini)

3.   Chinese brought to Tanah Melayu are ‘trepassers’, says Muslim group (The Malaysian Insider)

4.   If Christians continue to grow, they will outnumber us by 2100, says Muslim group (The Malaysian Insider)

5.   Undercover Christian priests here as football coaches, Muslim NGOs tell forum (The Malaysian Insider)

6.   Books warning Muslims about ‘Christian agenda’ distributed at Allah forum in university (The Malaysian Insider)

7.   Gospels are ‘fake’ as Jesus was ‘human slave to Allah’, don claims (Malay Mail Online)

8.   NGO warns of Christian Malays posting as Muslims (Malaysiakini)

To date the Prime Minister and his Colleagues are completely dumb with silence over these reports and for this reason these extremists are emboldened in their schemes as each day passes by. If indeed the PM is a PM for all as he claims to be, then he should act like one in the midst of such unprecedented attacks on the non-Muslims in this country. I wonder what would be the consequence if these incidences and reporting were carried out by the non-Muslims against the Muslims; only God knows. It appears we are going down the slippery road of self-destruction. God forbid!

8th May 2014


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