Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Minister urges voting along racial lines

PARLIAMENT Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim today claimed that voting along racial lines will ensure stability in the country.

Responding to queries in the Parliament about the government’s take on the one man, one vote concept, Shahidan proceeded to provide his own remedy for unity in this country.

“Let’s do it according to race. If there are 100 seats, let there be 67 bumiputra seats, 23 Chinese seats, and eight Indian seats,” he said.

“It’s easy, until the end of time we will rule peacefully.

“But now we can't because the Chinese are only 23 percent, but they have 40 seats (referring to DAP),” he said.

“These 40 seats were not obtained in a good way, these was obtained by tarnishing other people,” he added.

'Minorities have more votes'

He said that the Chinese would vote for a Chinese party, the Indians for an Indian party, and Malays for a Malay party, without offering a detailed explanation as to how such an electoral process could be done.

Earlier, he said that ‘one man, one vote’ concept in the electoral process does not necessarily reflect equality if it is implemented in Malaysia.

Speaking in Parliament during question time today, Shahidan (right) claimed that if such an ideology were to be followed, it would be best to do it based on “racial composition”.

Shahidan claimed that in the current electoral system, the minorities in Malaysia have “more votes”.

Opposition MPs slammed Shahidan for his statement, and said that the minister “did not understand what one man, one vote means”.

But Shahidan retorted by claiming he understood the concept well enough because he has a doctorate.

“You need two degrees to compete with me. I have a PhD, so I understand,” Shahidan told Anthony Loke (DAP-Seremban).
~ Malaysiakini

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