Monday, April 7, 2014

Malaysia is an absolute disgrace!

April 2, 2014

FMT LETTER: From Michael Karthigesu, via e-mail
I am utterly shocked at the government of Malaysia. We tend to build the tallest this and the longest that but the most basic necessities like clean air, water and air space security we don’t have. Malu betul. Utter Disgrace!
The government seems so preoccupied with keeping up with the Joneses and showing off to the world that it has forgotten to give basic necessities to the rakyat. It is hard to believe that Malaysia, especially the capital, is having a severe problem with water considering that in a mere six years we are supposed to be 2020 ‘Developed’ nation.
We should not even be in such state of so called emergency because water is a basic necessity and the basic right of a citizen in a fairly developed country. Why build big projects like the proposed Tun Razak Exchange (TRX), costing billions when we should be building more dams and reservoirs. That is more important. In fact, even overrun projects like KLIA2 are not really that important when Malaysia’s own rakyat don’t have the basic water flow to households.
Then there is clean air. We can blame Indonesia all we want but we know the open burning and peat fires in Malaysia is the one cause of the haze problems. But even if Indonesia is a contributory cause, it has been happening for so many years. It should have been sorted by the Malaysian government by now. But the government is more concerned about building the tallest this and biggest that and awarding mega projects here and there to its favoured people.
What is more important is that the government award big projects to build more dams and reservoirs as that is a critical necessity.
Then there is the fact that security is compromised. That is the biggest joke ever. An airliner can enter our space and no military jets were sent to ensure Malaysia’s safety. In Singapore, any aircraft entering its space will be escorted by military jets seeing what is the purpose of the invasion. Many times aircraft by a certain Royal family had entered Singapore’s airspace and immediately military aircraft were dispatched deal with the situation.
If the Malaysian military cannot conduct basic defence, what more if there is an attack on Malaysia. What more if a nuclear submarine enters our waters and shoots a nuclear missile on us? What an utter disgrace, our military. Spend billions on all sorts of aircraft and submarines but basic defence also cannot do.
Now we can understand why there are so many robberies and snatch cases. If our military cannot handle a simple invasion, I have my doubts about our police. After all, military should be highly trained and skilled and far more competent than the ordinary police officer. If they can fail big time like allowing an aircraft to enter our airspace, I have my doubts about the skills of our police officers in the light of rising internal crime from snatch thieves to murders and rape.
Getting back to my earlier issue, I hope the Malaysian government can give us basic water. Don’t blame the dry spell. In Saudi countries, the weather is even hotter. But they have constant water all the time. We should have seen this coming long ago and should have planned for more dams and reservoirs. After all Malaysia has ample land, building lakes, ponds and dams should not be a problem.
Please Malaysian government, get your priorities right. Stop building mega projects that cost billions when basic necessities are not even met. As a citizen of a country, we expect our government to give us basic necessities and basic security. If this the government of Malaysia cannot do, it is an utter shame. When I say basic, I mean, clean water, clean air and security and safety.
We don’t want mega huge malls, we don’t want all the latest technology, we don’t want all the nicely cultured gardens and plants by the roadside, what we want is just mere water to bathe and drink. Get your priorities right. Scrap things like your 1MDB’s Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) that is costing billions and build some dams. That is more important! Get your priorities right!
~ Free Malaysia Today

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Winston Yap said...

We must know that the raison d'etre of the Malaysian government is the gravy train.
They don't give a damn about anything else.
That's what they did for five over decades.
Change the government.
That's what we must all do.