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Five ministries to be hauled up over latest audit report revelations

APRIL 07, 2014
LATEST UPDATE: APRIL 07, 2014 04:18 PM
The Public Accounts Committee will be calling five ministries, including the Agriculture Ministry, to explain the delay and unsatisfactory construction of the RM343.55 million Peda Dam in Besut, Terengganu, which was given through a direct tender to an inexperienced company.
This was among the discrepancies of leakage and wastage and abuse of power and processes revealed in the 2013 Auditor General Report released today.
PAC chairman Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed (pic) said the committee would also be calling the Education Ministry to explain the poser over Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris which was not built according to specification and had not been given CF although it is already operational since 2012.
The PAC chairman added that they would also query the Education Ministry over the use of research funds meant to facilitate the preparation of research papers to be published overseas in order to raise the standard of local universities.
"The amount set aside for these research activities is RM340 million with plans to increase it to RM1 billion.
"The money has been spent but no paper had been published, so we will be asking the ministry what are their plans for the funds.
"If they want to continue with this programme, there must be better checks to measure outcome," he said.
The Home Ministry will also be called up explain the procurement of boots for Rela staff, while the Health Ministry is expected to be hauled up to explain management of medicine procurement which was found to be inefficient.
While Nur Jazlan praised the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) for obtaining good returns from its overseas investment, he said they would be asked to explain the rational for increasing the total monies invested abroad every year.
"We need to know if these investments are risky, whether we can continue to ensure success.
"Because this money leaves the country, so it limits control of the funds, can we recover it if investment is lost, what is EPF's investment and risk taking policy, what checks and balances are being done and so on," he said, adding that it was meant to tighten the loopholes in EPF's overseas investment practices.
Jazlan also praised the PAC Perak Branch for investigating the wastages incurred in the upgrade of the Sultan Azlan Shah airport, saying that more state branches should do the same, especially over the management, processes and procedures carried out by local councils.
Nur Jazlan also said that he had called on the auditor general to do a special audit on the way public universities carry out their acquisition processes, which are generally found to be inefficient.
He said the UPSI case comes on the heels of the previous AG report which revealed that Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) had acquired research vessel RV Discovery which was not built according to specification and had overshot its construction cost.
It was earlier reported that the construction cost had overshot its contract sum of RM11.99 million by some RM3 million.
The auditor general had also said in his 2012 report that the delivery of the vessel to UMT had been delayed by three years.
The other ministry to be hauled up by PAC over the latest AG report is the Works Ministry, over the new Kuantan court complex in Pahang which saw its construction delayed for 560 days with a cost overrun of RM19.56 million. – April 7, 2014.

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Winston Yap said...

This sort of things have been going on for decades.
In fact, the whole BN government is not fit to govern.
Malaysians must ensure that they are sacked.