Tuesday, April 1, 2014

56pct polled are not happy with economy

Amidst rising prices of electricity and sundries, a survey found that 56 percent of Malaysians in Peninsula Malaysia are unsatisfied with the government's handling of the economy.
The survey by Merdeka Center, which was released today, found only 39 percent of the 1,005 voters polled are satisfied.

In terms of ethnicity, the survey found that the Chinese and Indian respondents were the most critical of the government's handling of the economy, with 81 percent and 59 percent of respondents respectively stating that they were not satisfied.
However, only 43 percent of Malay respondents felt the same way, while 53 percent said they were satisfied.
When broken down to income categories, 56 percent of respondents with a monthly income of RM1,500 are happy with the government's handling of the economy, while those who earn more are more likely to express dissatisfaction.
The survey was conducted between March 7 and March 20, soon after after an increase in electricity tariffs and increasing prices of basic necessities. The period also coincides with the distribution of BR1M cash handouts.
The same poll also saw 51 percent of respondents stating that they were dissatisfied with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's management of the economy.
However, 46 percent said they were satisfied. Najib is also the finance minister.

Other key economy-related issues asked during the survey found:
  • There are negative sentiments over income level and rising prices of necessities, but sentiments on job opportunities and business remain steady.
  • There was a 5 percent drop in those who said that the price of consumer goods and services were “unfavourable”, from 84 percent in December last year. Only 19 percent said prices were “favourable”.
  • Respondents who believe that the economy in general is “unfavouble” has rised by 3 percent, from 53 percent in December last year. Only 41 percent of the respodents find the economy “favourable”.
~ Malaysiakini

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