Thursday, March 20, 2014

We'll lodge police reports if BN gives cash handouts, says See

MUKAH: PKR will lodge police reports if it obtains evidence of cash handouts given to voters in the Balingian by- election.

Its by-election director See Chee How, who is Batu Lintang assemblyman, said this when asked if he knew of such claims.
“I have not seen (cash being given) but of course we have received allegations. Barisan Nasional will have to be very careful if it does this,” See told reporters at Pakatan Rakyat’s daily press conference here yesterday.
Pakatan is fielding Abdul Jalil Bujang, 55, a Melanau Muslim, while Barisan’s candidate is Yussibnosh Balo, 47, a Melanau Christian.
“We have trained our members and local operations agents to look out for such acts. They (people giving out money) will have to be careful of whatever they do that could be considered corrupt practices. Even the delivery of some goods can be considered a corrupt practice.”
The state PKR vice-chairman also commented on the dishing out of development projects and promises by Barisan ministers during this campaigning period, saying it was done to win votes.
See, however, said promises alone were not enough because the reality was the lack of development on the ground was for all to see despite Balingian being a Barisan stronghold for decades.
“People in Balingian can see through this. It’s not small goodies like water tanks and zinc roofs that they are looking for. They might be appreciative but they also know what counts are long-term benefits. These are more important goals.”
See claimed Barisan was rushing to push its development promises, citing the earth-breaking ceremony for the rebuilding of SK Kampung Tellian scheduled for later yesterday as an example.
“The rebuilding of the school will involve land that one of the owners has not agreed to (land) acquisition yet. But (Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri) Muhyiddin (Yassin) wants to go ahead with the earth breaking.
“In the first place, this promise to rebuild the school has been made so many times. Only now it seems to be going ahead, but is everything ready including the architectural drawings? When is the planned completion date?”
On a related matter, See said Barisan’s candidate Yussibnosh Balo’s strong point as the former Dalat District Officer was also his weak point.
Being an ex-civil servant, Yussibnosh was not used to voicing out the public’s grouses, See said.
“We have dealt with Yussibnosh before. He is a fine civil servant but that is also the problem. He is used to towing the government’s line. He is aware of all the undelivered promises but can he speak up?”
~ The Star

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