Thursday, March 20, 2014

See: Balingian folk clamouring for long-term facilities

by Lian Cheng and Peter Sibon, Posted on March 20, 2014, Thursday
PKR candidate Abdul Jalil Bujang shaking hands with audience during the party’s ceramah on Tuesday evening.
See at a PKR press conference, which the party will be holding every day at 10am for the whole duration of Balingian by-election.
MUKAH: With the slogan ‘Justice for Balingian’, PKR hopes to fight for the long-term needs of Balingian folk.

State PKR vice-chairman See Chee How said the people of Balingian would not be swayed by the goodies dished out by Barisan Nasional during the by-election because what the people wanted were long term facilities, among others, a secondary school in Balingian, rebuilding of SK Kampung Tellian, provision of clean water and land-title security.

See, who is also PKR Balingian by-election director of operations, said he was pleased with the progress of the party’s campaign thus far as the opposition had attracted the attention of both state and federal leaders.

He urged BN not to make empty promises about SK Kampung Tellian and the building of a secondary school in Balingian, but to produce concrete plan of action such as their locations, engineering plan, architectural plan and construction-progress schedules.

See said he believed their candidate Abdul Jalil Bujang was a better candidate for the people of Balingian because Jalil could voice out local issues, while BN candidate Yussibnosh Balo, if elected, might end up toeing BN line.

Meanwhile, PKR held its first ‘ceramah’ (political gathering) here on Tuesday evening at the compound of the party’s by-election operation centre at Boulevard Setia Raja Road.
The crowd built up slowly and at about 9.30pm about 300 people turned up to hear what the speakers had to say.

Pakatan Rakyat speakers from throughout the country came to address the voters on issues such as schools, lack of development and infrastructure, poor governance, rampant corruption and judiciary independence, and other local and national issues.

The highlight of the ‘ceramah’ was the keynote address by PAS deputy president Muhammad Sabu.

He said wining this by-election would not change the Sarawak government, but it could be used as a referendum for the people to show the BN government of their frustrations and lack of development.

“The people of Balingian sub-district told me this is the time for prawns to moult their shells, so we want to change.”

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