Friday, March 21, 2014

PKR chides Jabu for unsavoury remark

Posted on March 21, 2014, Friday
Faziah (third right) handing over newly printed poster of Jalil to PKR Mukah Division chief Kassim Mesin (fourth left).
MUKAH: PKR is up in arms against Barisan Nasional for resorting to personal attack on its Balingian by-election candidate Abdul Jalil Bujang.

“It is uncalled-for for Jabu (PBB deputy president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu) who is a senior minister to make cheap comments about our candidate.

“We don’t go for personal attack. We don’t dig out dirt. And if the situation persists, we will not shun away. This is a very degrading statement,” said director of PKR Operations Room Bahahruddin Mokhsen at a press conference here yesterday.

Bahahruddin was referring to the statement by Jabu that Abdul Jalil was a “drifting barge” after the latter lost in Jepak in the last state election, which Bahahruddin said was an insult.
He said many PKR elected representatives including its state chairman Baru Bian (Ba Kelalan) and See Chee How (Batu Lintang) all lost in elections before finally making it.

“We only criticised the former assemblyman who was the (former) chief minister for his poor record in delivering. We don’t make personal attacks,” said Baharuddin.

On their campaign so far, Baharuddin said they felt very much welcome and were received well by the community in Balingian sub-district.

“More than 200 turned up for the ‘ceramah’ last night where development was the main issue 
we addressed,” he said.

Meanwhile, PKR vice president Faziah Salleh said the party was making inroads into Balingian sub-district.

She said there was a lot of excitement among the people there as they saw Abdul Jalil as their hope.

“There is a real disparity between development in Mukah and Balingian sub-district where there is no development and no economic activities.

“There is no secondary school and the water is dirty, sometimes it is even salty. The people have to boil mineral water for consumption,” the Kuantan MP elaborated.

The Kuantan MP believed the people of Balingian sub-district were awakening to their campaign.

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