Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bekir's ex-wife files appeal on contempt

Sarawak governor's eldest son Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib is not off the hook yet as lawyers for his former wife Shahnaz A Majid have filed an appeal on the dismissal of the contempt of court charge against him.

Lawyers Akbardin Abdul Kader and Rafie Mohd Shafie said an appeal has been filed with the Syariah Court of Appeal over the Syariah High Court's decision on March 6 this year in finding Bekir not guilty of contempt for not abiding with an ex-parte order served against him.

Akbardin and Rafie confirmed with Malaysiakini today that they filed the notice of appeal last Friday.

In dismissing the contempt charge, Syariah High Court judge Azzeman Omar ruled that the court accepted Bekir's explanation and decided not to cite him for contempt.

The ex-parte order for Bekir to pay the sum of RM902,746.69 was issued by the Syariah High Court as part of Shahnaz's RM121 million suit for child maintenance.

Last month, when called to answer the charge for contempt, Bekir said the court's ex-parte order requiring him to pay the sum in child maintenance was too much.

He further explained that he gave his 21-year-old son pocket money and bought him new clothes and a car for his studies in the United Kingdom.

Bekir's lawyers have also filed an application to set aside the ex-parte order, which is yet to be heard.

Had Bekir been convicted for contempt, he would have faced six months' jail or a fine of RM2,000.

Shahnaz filed the RM121 million claim last November after declaring that Bekir failed to pay for the maintenance after their divorce on May 11, 2011. The couple was married in 1992.

Shahnaz has also filed a RM100 million mutaah (gift) claim and another RM300 million joint matrimonial assets claim against Bekir. The mutaah hearing will resume on April 14.
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