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Anwar’s conviction and BN’s future

March 10, 2014
How long do we have to wait to see what BN will forfeit for their immediate gain of putting their political nemesis away?
anwar ibrahimI say that for Umno there is no honor in the conviction of Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy. It brings shame not to Anwar but to Umno for by this act of hubris.
Umno now earns for itself the contempt and disgust of the electorates to whom it is beholden for its right to govern.
In the decades past this BN government knows that every deed they do for our nation, every nefarious activity they do to advance the cause of their political entities and for personal gain have been put into the public domain to be perused, used and abuse by the public as they deem fit.
No longer is it possible for the government jet to be diverted to Milan for some shopping treat and have the rakyat not know about the misuse of an aircraft that is paid for by the public purse.
If the premier’s stepson finances a Hollywood blockbuster in the hundred’s of millions of ringgits, that fact will be public knowledge even before the film is a blockbuster.
And this week when the Appeal Court found Anwar guilty of sodomy, the haste with which it came to that conclusion is already being debated amongst the taxi drivers, bah kut teh hawkers and amongst leaders of the globe.
So BN no longer even attempt to conceal the abuse of public office, the corruption, the arrogance, the nepotism and the pillaging and plundering that they do to enrich themselves, their families and cronies nor their hubris that now threatens their own survival for people are now privy to all their doings.
As I have said earlier, each time the BN government harass, prosecute, incarcerate, and is responsible for another death in custody by the police or the MACC, they give to Pakatan Rakyat another hero.
We have need of more of these heroes and last week through the dubious office of the appeal court, we have another one – albeit he is already a familiar face to this cause – that of Anwar Ibrahim.
The first time Anwar was charged with sodomy in 1998 and subsequently acquitted. A decade later in the 2008 general election, BN lost for the first time its two-thirds majority in parliament and five states to Pakatan Rakyat,
In June 2008 Anwar was again charged for sodomy and in the 2013 general election, BN again for the first time, lost it popular mandate to govern but still clinged to government not on its own merit but through the assists of Sabah and Sarawak.
This week – March 2014 Anwar was convicted of sodomy after being acquitted of this earlier.
How long do we have to wait to see what BN will forfeit for their immediate gain of putting their political nemesis away?
For sure Kajang for a start and then what comes next?
What comes after losing their two-thirds parliamentary majority and five states in 2008?
What comes after losing its popular mandate to govern in 2013?
Your guess is as good as mine but common sense will tell you that prognosis for the coming years will not be good for BN and Umno.
Umno proposes but God and the people of Malaysia dispose as they think fit!
CT Ali is a reformist who believes in Pakatan Rakyat’s ideologies. He is a FMT columnist.
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