Thursday, February 20, 2014

PAS wants no-confidence vote against PM

3:29PM Feb 20, 2014
PAS has called on disgruntled Umno ministers to showcase “courage” by leading fellow BN ministers to move a motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak in the coming Parliament session.

Its information chief Mahfuz Omar (left) said this was because it is clear there is increasing doubt over Najib’s leadership, even among his own cabinet members, and that the latter’s administration has gone “adrift”.

Mahfuz was referring to a news report yesterday that two ministers are mulling leaving their posts in the cabinet reshuffle slated for June.

“Najib’s administration is ‘syok sendiri’ (self indulgent). Launch (policies) there, launch here, but the execution and implementation fall flat. Just as I’ve said - Najib’s administration is NATO- No Action, Talk Only.

“Just like his economic transformation programme which was touted to be Najibnomics, now it would be better if we called it Najibcomics,” Mahfuz said in a statement today.

“I appeal to the ministers in question not to wait for the cabinet reshuffle to be left out of the cabinet list, but instead, show courage for the people and the country by letting go of the minister posts, and lead BN parliamentarians to move a motion of no confidence against Najib in the March Parliament session, as well as move that Parliament return the mandate to the people,” the statement reads.

In yesterday’s report by news portal The Malaysian Insider, Umno sources were quoted as saying that of the two ministers intending to resign, one is in charge of the finance portfolio.

Attempts are allegedly being made to find suitable replacements for the duo, which the portal did not name. However, according to the sources, there is a shortage of “qualified politicians”.
~ Malaysiakini

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