Monday, February 24, 2014

More pro-Pakatan FB pages inaccessible

12:28PM Feb 24, 2014
At least two more pro-Pakatan Facebook pages had become inaccessible for Internet users locally today, raising more questions among netizens if the inaccessibility was being caused by a ban by local authorities.

After the unavailability of several Chinese-langauge pages which were popular with netizens during the 13th general election, netizens today reported that a Malay language pro-Pakatan page, 'Otai Reformasi II', which has 68,000 followers, had also become unaccessible.

The other Facebook page which suffered a similar fate today was a Chinese page for overseas voters, called ‘Hai Wai Xuan Min’, with 14,000 'likes'.

This takes the total number of pro-Pakatan Facebook pages that had become inaccessible since the weekend, to at least five pages.

Though the pages still show up on Google Search, clicking on the URLs will direct back to the Facebook homepage, or a screen comes up, saying that the content is unavailable.

However, all five pages are still accessible by opening with an IP proxy.

Yesterday, DAP economic bureau chief Chong Zhemin pointed out the several pro-Pakatan Facebook pages were no longer accessible.

However, Deputy Communications and Multimedia Minister Jailani Johari said that he did not know about the supposed blocking of these pages.
~ Malaysiakini

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