Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Azmin admits Kajang reshuffle a 'tactical' move

3:59PM Jan 28, 2014
Selangor PKR chief Azmin Ali today admitted the move by Kajang assemblyperson Lee Chin Cheh to vacated his state seat was a “tactical” one as the party leadership needed a seat to be vacated.
"Anwar Ibrahim (left) contesting there will send a message to the public that we are serious about Selangor and will use the state as a launchpad for Putrajaya," Azmin said after chairing the state PKR meeting today.

He stressed that the PKR de facto leader’s decision to contest had been unanimously supported by the state party leaders.

He also said that the talk about Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim being replaced "will be discussed" after the by election should there be a "necessity" to do so.

However, he denied that Anwar's decision to contest in Kajang was influenced by the ongoing party struggle between Azmin and Abdul Khalid.

Concerns among the public

Azmin admitted that there are concerns among the public who are not entirely in agreement with PKR over this latest move.

“We admit there are concerns regarding this option taken by PKR. But this is for a stronger Pakatan Rakyat, and for a stronger Selangor state government,” he said.

He said that while Abdul Khalid had delivered in his job over the past five years, there is a need for a stronger state government, though he refused to comment on a possible MB change.

“We in Pakatan Rakyat will weather this storm together. It is a matter of explaining to the people,” he said.

Azmin also said that he should not be blamed for the changes happening in Selangor, saying that he “cannot tell Anwar what to do”.

“When anything goes wrong at the national level, they say it is Anwar’s fault. When something is wrong within PKR, I always get blamed,” he said.

“But it is all right. I have faced this for 15 years. And I am here to stay,” he said.

Azmin said that he would not have any problems if he had to vacate his Bukit Antarabangsa state seat to make way for Anwar, if the situation demanded it.

~ Malaysiakini

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