The average 15-year-old Malaysian is now trailing by at least four years of school education behind those in Singapore, China, and Hong Kong, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang said today.

He said that this was based on the International Student Assessment (PISA) results released earlier this week, showing Malaysia ranking 52nd out of 74 participating countries. 

In a statement today, the DAP veteran pointed out that the Malaysian education blueprint stated that a difference of 38 points on the PISA scale is equivalent to a year's schooling.

The blueprint has highlighted the fact that the average 15-year-old Malaysian lagging behind a Singaporean student in the same age group by three years based on the 2009 PISA results.

NONEBut Lim (right) said that the gap is wider now given Malaysia's failure to improve its rankings.

"Based on the difference of 38 points on the PISA scale being equivalent to one year of schooling, the disparity has widened to reach a stage where the 15-year-old in Shanghai, Singapore and South Korea are performing as though they had four or even five more years of schooling than 15-year-olds in Malaysia," Lim said.

He also urged Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to break his silence over Malaysia's performance in the PISA evaluation.

As Education Minister, Muhyiddin cannot remain silent but must explain how he proposes to overcome and resolve the woes in the Malaysian education as highlighted by the PISA results," Lim said.