Thursday, November 21, 2013

Schools can apply through Education District Office for urgent funding

Posted on November 21, 2013, Thursday

SCHOOLS needing urgent maintenance and critical repairs can apply to the Education Department through the Education District Office, says Early Childhood Education and Family Development Assistant Minister Rosey Yunus.

The Education District Office will then forward the application to the department, which will then forward it to the Education Ministry.

“However, schools can also use any leftover funds from grants or aid for building repairs and maintenance,” she added.

She was responding to questions on the issue by See Chee How (PKR-Batu Lintang), Martin Ben (BN-Kedup) and Dr Annuar Rapaee (BN-Nangka).

Revealing the government allocation to schools for the maintenance and upgrading purposes over the past 3 years Rosey said, “In 2011, the state Education Department received a total of RM35,351,733 under the Managing Expenses and RM39,061,547.60 under the Development Allocation.

“In 2012, the total was RM18,751,735.29 for Managing Expenses and RM30,920,588.32 for Development Allocation.

“This year, the amount was RM7,371,300 under Managing Expenses and RM19,500,000 for Development Allocation.”

Rosey also responded to a separate question raised by Paulus Gumbang (BN-Batu Danau) on moving and building a new school for SK Tanjong, Limbang that is affected by soil erosion.

“Currently, the education ministry is still in the process of appointing consultants to come up with the design and tender documents for the SK Tanjong, Limbang new site,” she said.

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