Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Protesting Penans claim police were drunk

William Mangor

November 12, 2013
A Penan lawyer-cum-activist has called on the IGP and the federal government to intervene in the Murum issue.
MURUM: Penan protestors mounting blockades at the Murum Dam site here claimed policemen who intimidated and harassed them were drunk.
Penan activist cum lawyer Abun Sui Anyit said based on ground reports from the blockade site, the police officers stationed in the area were allegedly being provided alcohol by the dam’s main contractors Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB).
“The police acted aggressively and intimidated the Penans. The Penans could smell alcohol from their mouth when the police spoke to them at the blockade site,” he claimed.
He urged Bukit Aman and the federal government to step in to investigate the human rights violations committed in Murum against the natives, including by the police.
“We are concerned about the safety of the Penans if drunken police forces are allowed to join the operation at Murum Dam and they are facing the Penans with full arms.
“Despite the police report lodged against the police personnel yesterday by the Penans, they (police) are still aggressive and intimidating the Penans,” he said.
Anyit was referring to the complaint against a policeman known as Soffian who had allegedly pushed a Penan at the blockade site.
The police had uttered harsh statements against the Penan community leaders who tried to calm the heated situation at the blockade site.
“Government must reconsider the current forces stationed in Murum Dam. Pull them out since they are acting aggressively against the peaceful Penans,” urged Abun.
The latest incident comes as authorities released the 10 detained Penans who were part of the blockades last week.
The 10 have since returned to join the families and friends who have for months now blockaded the route to the Murum project site.
The protestors have also managed to chase out SEB workers from the site and bring all work to a standstill.
~ Free Malaysia Today

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