Saturday, November 2, 2013

Najib plagued by protesters in London, again

5:58PM Nov 1, 2013 
Prime Minister Najib Razak faced his second protest in two days at the in London, as Londoners waved placards on corruption and unethical practices outside the World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) yesterday.

According to Suaram International, the protesters wanted to press home "recent crackdown on human rights and widespread electoral fraud in Malaysia" at the WIEF's closing ceremony at 6pm.

gerakan egm 261013 najib 3Gathering outside the Excel exhibition and convention centre at 5pm, protestors held placards such as 'Bersih Before Business', 'Cameron, Say NO to Corruption!', 'Stop Police Brutality!' and 'Stop Racism in Malaysia!'.

Expecting the arrival of a VIP from the UK government scheduled to speak at the event's closing ceremony, protesters were however told that the event had been brought forward at the last minute.

“I've come to remind Najib that the world is watching and if he really wants to interact on a global stage and advance Malaysia economically and socially he has to accept and implement international human rights norms and basic civil liberties. 

"Najib's government is extremely un-Islamic and what they are trying to portray here in London is extremely hypocritical. We are sick and tired of it,” said one participant Mohamad Johari, according to Suaram.

NONEOthers who spoke to the human rights NGO expressed disappointment at the human rights abuses taking place in a country they used to think of as a "holiday paradise".

"I have come today to express my disgust to Najib and his government and to speak out for Malaysians who don't have a voice. Najib, how do you sleep at night?” said one participant, Sol.

On Wednesday, another group called British Victims of Investing in Malaysia (BVIM) held a protest at the same venue over the Najib government's inaction over a Malaysian company that had allegedly cheated UK investors of millions.

Meanwhile yesterday Najib, who is the patron of the WIEF, boasted of his good track record on human rights in an interview withCNN, but found himself in a bind when his credentials as a "moderate" and a self-claimed "democrat" were questioned.

~ Malaysiakini

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