Six years ago today, former commercial crime investigation department director Ramli Yusuff was hauled to the Sessions Court in Kuala Lumpur on five charges, in which he was fully vindicated after a long and protracted battle.

Today he named attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail and 11 others in a RM128.5 million suit for malicious prosecution.

Ramli, 61, also named former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, the Attorney-General's Chambers head of prosecution Nordin Hassan, previously Anti-Corruption Agency prosecution chief, several MACC officers, the police and government as defendants.

ramli yusuff commercial crime director police pc 301007 total denyThe former top cop's legal action stems from the acquittals he secured in Kuala Lumpur and Sabah and after the government failed to restore his various rights and privileges as a top government official. Ramli (right) was ranked number 3 in the police force when he was arrested.

According to Ramli, he had informed the government that he intended to begin legal actions much earlier but was advised by a top government official not to do it before the May general election.

However after the nationwide polls, and when his various rights and privileges were not reinstated, Ramli unleashed a slew of legal actions.

In July, he filed suits against several media groups fordefamation, and followed by today's suit filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

The law suit touches on a number of cases which Ramli was involved in over the past decade - from Anwar Ibrahim's black-eye incident, the RM27 million cop allegation, to the 'Copgate affair'.

Ramli claimed his relationship with Abdul Gani soured in 2006 after he met then prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and recommended that former MAS chairperson Tajudin Ramli be charged following severe losses suffered by the company.

"But the AG decided not to prosecute Tajudin. I even told the PM then that if the AG was reluctant to prosecute Tajudin, the CCID would have the necessary resources to conduct the prosecution.

"This earned Gani's permanent displeasure...," he said in his statement of claim.

Ramli claimed his victimisation began because of this and pointed to Gani's questionable relationship with Tajudin's proxy and relative, Shahidan Shafie, as indicated by the controversial haj trip they allegedly took together.

However, Gani was cleared by the MACC after a probe on the matter.

Musa's mercurial rise

The former CCID chief in his law suit,said Musa had a mercurial climb since former deputy minister Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy I charge in 1998. Musa was the investigation officer in that case.

He said his relationship with Musa, who had served under him at one point, took a turn for the worse when then police chief Norian Mai asked Ramli to issue show cause letters to Musa for breaches of discipline, protocol and procedure.

Ramli added he would also rely on Musa's former aide de camp ASP Noor Azizul Rahim Taharim's unrebutted statutory declarationto prove his claim.

"In Musa's ascent to IGP, he enlisted the assistance of Gani and Nordin to eliminate me from the police hierarchy. I call this a conspiracy," Ramli continued in his statement of claim.

Part of it involved having Emergency Ordinance detainee Moo Sai Chin, a murder suspect, to frame Ramli for corruption. This hindered his ascendency to deputy IGP, and cleared the way for Musa to clinch the post.

Ramli further claimed that from December 2006 to October 2007, he was joint chief of a cabinet committee with then deputy home minister Johari Baharom to eliminate a well-connected money-laundering syndicate.

NONEIn March 2007, he was directed by Johari to look into a Tangkak money lending syndicate led by Goh Cheng Poh or better known as Tengku Goh who was later arrested and put under restricted residence.

Musa, he alleged, interfered with the course of that investigation and along with Gani (right), tainted the findings and investigations by the CCID. (See Malaysiakini report 'Bizarre case of ex-IGP, AG and an underworld boss')

Ramli claimed Gani had issued an unusual order demanding that he revealed highly confidential information on the whistleblowers leading to Goh's arrest - called the ‘Cicero files' - to the MACC. This resulted in the informants retracting their earlier statements indicting Goh.

Ramli further claimed that Musa and Gani did not want to assist his department in Goh's habeas corpus application by not wanting to draft affidavits in reply. Eventually, he had to ask a private lawyer, his friend Rosli Dahlan, to draft the affidavits rather than the Attorney-General's Chambers.

This also resulted in six CCID officers who helped Ramli in making the Tengku Goh arrest charged for procuring false statements. However, they were all later cleared of wrongdoings.

Alleged abuse of power

NONERamli also alleged that sometime in April 2007, Musa (left) initiated an investigation on him for alleged abuse of power in using a police aircraft while he was Sabah police chief.

He also intensified investigation against Ramli using underground kingpin Moo's false statement which alleged that the former CCID chief had amassed wealth through corrupted means.

This led to the MACC launching a probe on him and also his lawyer friend, Rosli Dahlan.

The MACC alleged Ramli was worth RM27 million, and he was subsequently charged for failure to declare his ‘hidden' assets.

However he was subsequently acquitted of the charges by the courts in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Putrajaya.

Ramli argued that he had been maliciously prosecuted and his prosecution was an abuse of the legal process. He had also suffered severe damage to his reputation and denied advancement in his career, in particular his chance to be deputy IGP.

Hence, he is claiming RM1.5 million in special damages for expenses incurred in defending himself in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu, punitive damages of RM50 million, another RM50 million for aggravated damages, as well as exemplary damages of RM27 million.

Ramli is also seeking general damages.
On Wednesday, Musa apologised to Ramli in court following another lawsuit filed by the ex-CCID chief over the former IGP's "white knight and black knight remark" at a press conference last year.

Malaysiakini has contacted Abdul Gani via text and email and is awaiting his response.

The portal has also sent text messages to MACC chief commissioner Abu Kassim Mohamed and also former IGP Musa and is awaiting their response.

~ Malaysiakini