Monday, November 18, 2013

DUN November 2013: YB See Chee How's Questions

For oral answers:

1. To ask the Honourable Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development:

With regards to each Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah, the number of requests and applications from schools in Sarawak needing upgrading, new buildings, hostels and repair works submitted to the Ministry of education and the numbers approved, each year from 2011. 

2. To ask the Honourable Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development:

The number of secondary and primary schools in Sarawak categorized under Band 1 to 7, in 2011 to 2013 respectively. How, has SIP (School Improvement Programme) helped in improving the performance of schools and students excellence over these 3 years? 

3. To ask the Honourable Minister of Public Utilities and Resource Planning and Environment  Minister II:

The progress and outcome of the investigation into the statewide blackout on June 26, and the findings of the federal Finance Ministry into the preliminary findings by SEB, Sarawak Hydro Sdn Bhd and private consulting firm Poyre Engineering Sdn Bhd. 

4. To ask the Honourable Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications or the Honourable Minister of Local Government and Community Development:

The plan and progress to develop the Kuching Drainage Masterplan to improve and upgrade the drainage system and prevent flash floods particularly in the older residential estates in Kuching and regulating compliance in new project planning applications and approvals. 

5. To ask the Honourable Minister of Public Utilities and Resource Planning and Environment Minister II:

The extent of supply of treated water from the Slabi treatment plant and the plan and progress to resolve water supply problem to the Bukar region and    Old Kuching-Serian Road near Kampung Panchor Dayak. 

For written answers:

6. To Ask the Honourable Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development:

Considering the increasingly ageing population of Malaysia and Sarawak,what are the plans that the Ministry has in place to cater for the increase in the aged, in terms of 1) state policy provisions and statutory protection for their financial security; 2) housing; 3) health and nursing care; and 4) facilities to cater for needs in learning, information, leisure and recreation, etc. 

7.  To ask the Honourable Minister of Welfare, Women and Family Development:

(i) For each year of 2010, 2011 and 2012, the number of divorcee women and women living separate from their husband who are receiving welfare grants and assistance in Sarawak, the number of dependent children with their mothers and the aggregate sum in grants and assistance each year and the sources;

(ii) Any attempt by the State Government to extend the Married Women and Children (Enforcement of Maintenance) Act 1968 (Revised 1988) Act 356 to Sarawak, and its progress (if any)?

8. To ask the Honourable Minister for Modernisation of Agriculture and Rural Development:

What are the numbers of high yielding rubber seedlings being allocated and given to participating villagers from Long Banga, Long Peluan, Long Main, Long Beruang, Long Silat and Long Jekitan, in Ulu Baram, and the number planted to date, number of families benefitted and acreage of land planted.

9. To ask the Honourable Chief Minister and Minister of Finance and Resource Planning and Environment:

Whether the State Government have commissioned and undertaken Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) on all the hydropower mega-dam projects, including   Batang Ai, Bakun, Murum and Baram dam projects, and whether these CBA may be publicized as the mega-dam projects are being funded by the state? Further, in considering the building of these mega-dam projects:

(i) Whether the CBA list all the alternative projects considered in the power sector (along with their respective values) but ultimately rejected in favour of hydropower mega-dams?
(ii) What was the measure of value used and how was this measure quantified for all the various stakeholders in all the various mega-dam projects? What was the discount rate used for each of these mega-dam projects? What was the net present value of all the project options?
(iii) How were long-term environmental and social costs quantified?
(iv) Does each CBA list who the stakeholders are; who stands to benefit and who stands to lose and by how much?

10.  To ask the Honourable Minister of Housing:

(i) What are the existing and future plans and programmes by the Ministry and its respective body corporates, together with the national counterpart such as Syarikat Perumahan Nasional Berhad (SPNB), to rehabilitate abandoned housing projects in Sarawak, and which are the abandoned housing projects involved;
(ii) Whether the Ministry or its body corporates, or its national counterpart such as Syarikat Perumahan Nasional Berhad (SPNB) will rehabilitate the housing project at Parcel 68 Block 215 Kuching North Land District, at Jalan Batu Kawa (formerly developed by Bayside Sdn Bhd), considering the fact that 95% of the house-buyers are teachers who are now still servicing their federal government housing loans despite the fact that the project had been abandoned in 1999.

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