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Baru Bian's questions on Ba' Kelalan Roads: Minister replies in DUN

25 November 2013

Trusan/Kuala Briwan/Long Tengoa Road

For the information of Ahli Yang Berhormat for Ba‟Kelalan, an 8 Km stretch of the Trusan/Kuala Briwan/ Long Tengoa Road would be rehabilitated under the 2013/2014 road rehabilitation program. The contract sum has just recently been awarded at a cost of RM11.2 million. In addition, two damaged culverts will be reinstated in 2014.

Long Sukang-Lawas Road

Concerning the contract of Long Sukang-Lawas Road project which was mutually terminated due to land blockades issue, I wish to thank Ahli Yang Berhormat for Ba‟Kelalan for offering his assistance to resolve the issue so that the project could start again. Actually I did ask you last year Yang Berhormat, I don‟t know what you have done. Can you put?

Y.B Encik Baru Bian: Thank you Tuan Speaker. I just like to ask if I can have names of guys who are putting up the blockage so that I can assist the Ministry because on the ground is I enquired they denied this. So I like the Ministry to give me names. If that possible?

Y.B.Datuk Micheal Manyin: Actually what I asked you Yang Berhormat last year is that you go to the ground and find out who are these people because we can‟t give you the names and because we do not know who are they, at one time there is one group coming, the next time another group coming so we actually have spent RM4 million on this project, RM4 million, the total standard price was RM32 million, so we still have RM28 million left and if you don‟t do anything, I think I take it to my own constituency next year. You go to the ground and found out who are they because they are different people all the time. You find out, it is not for me to find out, they always find out this on you, not me...(interruption)

Tuan Speaker: Order, order. The Minister has requested for the assistance from the Honorable Member for Ba‟Kelalan and I think he agrees so...(interruption)

Y.B. Datuk Micheal Manyin: I have spoken to the Ahli Yang Berhormat last year and until today we are not started because...(interruption)

Tuan Speaker: The Honourable Minister, I think this...(interruption)

Y.B. Datuk Micheal Manyin: Yes, okay, okay. Ustaz Chong, okay.

Y.B. Encik Chong Chien Jen: I want clarification, thank you. Just now if I am not mistaken, I heard the Honourable Minister say if nothing was done I will take this money to my constituency, I think Tuan Speaker, this is a very wrong practice I don‟t think it will be allowable...(interruption)

Tuan Speaker: No, no. You are not asking for clarification, you are not asking for clarification, you are, sit down, you are not asking clarification just now, sit down.

Y.B. Datuk Micheal Manyin: Tuan Speaker, I just talking, Tuan Speaker, you sit down first ... (interruption)

Tuan Speaker: Sit down, sit down, Kota Sentosa, sit down. Y.B. Datuk Micheal Manyin: You sit down first, sit down first, listen first. Tuan


Tuan Speaker: Go ahead.

Y.B. Datuk Micheal Manyin: Tuan Speaker, I just want to talk to Ahli Yang Berhormat dari Ba‟Kelalan, he is not talking to the whole House so Ahli Yang Berhormat for Ba‟Kelalan really go down there, so there is nothing to do with you. Ahli Yang Berhormat, correct? So if Ahli Yang Berhormat was on the ground ... (interruption)

Tuan Speaker: Move on, move on. Nobody say, just move on, order, order. Y.B. Datuk Micheal Manyin: Tuan Speaker, no, no. Tuan Speaker. Tuan Speaker: Just move on.

Y.B. Datuk Micheal Manyin: If Ahli Yang Berhormat for Ba‟Kelalan can help us to convince those who have been doing this brokeage, the money is still there but I don‟t know how long it may be the next three four months, five months because this money was under the RM10 billion given I think about seven years ago. So we cannot keep on waiting, this project was mutually terminated by JKR and the contractor. We have spent RM4 million for nothing on these road. So that‟s why if it is not resolved for the next few months I think we will have to take it somewhere else a lot of urgent projects throughout the state, okay. there are a lot of them you are asking, okay. So ustaz, I am just talking to him only.

Bario - Ba'kelalan Road

The Bario - Ba'Kelalan Road, Fasa 1 - 13 km is implemented by Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) that is under the Jiwa Murni Project. We have been informed that there was no stoppage of works and that the Federal Government has no plan to re-route the road alignment. The project is progressing at 43% as against 41%, which is ahead of schedule. Completion is expected to be in January 2015 and the cost for the project is RM40.83 million, which is approximately RM3.14 million/km.

I wish to highlight here that the Jiwa Murni project scope does not comply fully with geometric standards, super elevation, methods of construction, design loading, safety requirements and so on as compared with road projects undertaken by JKR. JKR is following standards as stipulated in the Arahan Teknik and REAM guidelines. REAM is Road Engineering Associations of Malaysia.

There is thus a vast difference in the cost of constructing the roads per kilometer between JKR and Projek Jiwa Murni. So you cannot compare a rambutan and an apple.

~ Unedited Hansard

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