Two leaders of Sarawak PKR have criticised the Auditor-General's Report 2012, describing it as weak and ineffective in correcting malpractices in government departments, statutory bodies and government-linked companies.

NONE"What the report continues to do is to paraphrase what was in reports of the previous years. This is not right and ineffective in preventing the same weaknesses from recurring," Sarawak PKR vice-chairperson See Chee How (left) told a media conference in Kuching yesterday.

"What the auditor-general should do after the completion of the report is to make recommendations for corrective actions and steps to prevent the same weaknesses from recurring by identifying and prosecuting the offenders.

"The audit report should also recommend that the police or the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigate the offenders," See said.

"Prosecuting the offenders will serve as deterrence, and help in the protection of the interests of the public," he said, pointing out that such action would stop offenders from committing the same corrupt practices again and again, such as buying a clock costing RM100 for RM3,800.

"But the Auditor-General's Report failed to make such recommendations. What it did was to continue paraphrasing the reports of the previous years. The repeat of the same weaknesses, faults and mistakes as in the 2011 report was glaring."

'Revelation mere tip of the iceberg'

See, who is the Batu Lintang assemblyperson, noted that the 2012 report covered only a small fraction of the departments, statutory bodies and government-linked companies in the country.

"The report revealed rampant corrupt practices, wastage and mismanagement of public funds in 20 government departments and four government-linked companies. 

"This revelation is but the tip of the iceberg as there are hundreds of government departments and statutory bodies in the various ministries and many government-linked companies that were not covered," he added.

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian, who was also present at the media conference, said the offenders should be prosecuted if the government truly wanted to stop corrupt practices and manage public funds honestly.

"If there is clear cut corruption, the offenders should be prosecuted or else such practices will continue and make Malaysia the champion of corruption," said Bian, the Ba'Kelalan assemblyperson.

He suggested that disciplinary action against offenders be highlighted or included in future reports of the auditor-general.

"I am sure that this form of action will have a deterrent effect," Bian added.