Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rafizi: We don’t need top posts to gain respect

Lisa J. Ariffin

August 27, 2013
Unlike BN leaders, PKR politicians do not need to hold top party posts to gain legitimacy and respect, says party strategic director Rafizi Ramli.
KUALA LUMPUR: PKR politicians do not need to hold top party posts to earn respect from the public, the PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli said today.
He said this  in response to rumour that he would be contesting for vice-presidency at the  party polls middle of next year.
“PKR is not traditional like BN parties where the position in the party decides who you are in public eyes,” Rafizi told FMT .
“With Umno and MCA, people contest because (once you’re holding top post) it will give you public office and through this, you have legitimacy and interaction with public,” he claimed.
Rafizi believed that leaders should not accord respect “based on party position”, but “how you base yourself in the public eye”.
“If you bring issues and fight for the people, you have legitimacy even as a normal member in the party. We don’t see party position as being an end,” he said.
He then praised the opposition coalition for its ability to nurture and hone unknown talent into capable and trusted leaders.
“We have demonstrated the capacity of bringing people from scratch, manufacture them to meet expectations and to be as important in the eyes of the public,” Rafizi said.
When asked again if he would be contesting for vice-president post, Rafizi said: “People want me to contest but I have not decided yet.”
“I am loyal to the party and if I do decide to stand it is not so much because I want the position but it would be because it is necessary for the party to project a certain image,” he said.
“If there is consensus and if it fits into the strategy of the party then I will. But if there is no bigger motive, then it’s not necessary.”
~ Free Malaysia Today

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