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Quarter-million criminals roaming: Let's bring in UN force, says DAP

Harakahdaily,12 August 2013

Aug 12: A claim by Home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that potentially a quarter-million criminals were on the loose in the country has prompted DAP to urge the government to mull seeking help from the United Nations.

L-R: Ahmad Zahid and Lim Guan Eng

DAP secretary general and Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng was responding to Zahid's interview with the weekend edition of UMNO's Utusan Malaysia yesterday, in which he estimated that the 2,600 suspects released after the abolition of the Emergency Ordinance could translate to 260,000 including followers and henchmen.

"For this reason DAP calls not only for the Malaysian armed forces to help the police, but that the United Nations Peacekeeping Force should be requested to help the Malaysian police from being outnumbered by the 260,000 army of criminals," Lim said.

Lim, describing the number as shocking, however said Zahid's mathematical ability would now come under suspect, but said if he was proven correct, then the armed forces and the UN peacekeeping force should be roped in to fight criminals who had outnumbered the police and armed forces combined.

"This shocking 260,000 army of criminals is more than the combined numbers of police personnel of 112,583 and the Malaysian armed forces of 124,000," said Lim.

Responding to a spike in violent crimes recently, Barisan Nasional leaders have urged for the return of several draconian laws, including the Emergency Ordinance where criminal suspects and opposition politicians had been detained without trial.

Critics have however pointed out that the police force is ill-equipped to deal with crime as only 9 per cent of its human resources were for fighting crime.

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