A PAS leader has condemned the manner in which religious issues have been publicised and sensationalised to disturb the sensitivities of Malaysians, especially after the general election.

PAS central executive committee member Mujahid Yusof Rawa said this is not good for Malaysians and Islam on the whole.

He added he saw a trend emerging after the recent general election where 51 percent, mostly non-Malays and non-Muslims, threw their support to Pakatan Rakyat.

NONEMujahid said "isolated cases" like the surau in Johorbeing used by a Singaporean Buddhist group and dog trainer Maznah Mohd Yusof who was arrested for insulting Islam, could have been settled among those involved instead of roping in the police.

The Southeast Asia Inter-religious Dialogue for Peace chairperson said when a Muslim did something bad, it did not represent the entire community, and the same applied to non-Muslims.

"There is an agenda to create fear and hatred among non-Muslims and non-Malays.
"It is not direct but there are insinuations that things can get worse to this interfaith and multiracial community if they continue to support Pakatan," said Mujahid in Penang today, after launching the Penang Ethnic Rawo Festival sponsored by Yayasan Islam Pulau Pinang.

"The message seems to be: vote for BN and everything goes back to normal.

"There are certainly certain quarters out there who are taking advantage of these situations, people who have narrow perspectives on interfaith discourse, to further their own political interest," added the Parit Buntar MP. 

Mujahid said there is an urgency to get all communities together and cultivate understanding, respect and recognition of each other's faiths and culture, instead of this current focus on race and religious hatred.

He added that seemed to be a lack of sensitivity among the various communities when dealing with each other, and this does not bode well for the country's multi-racial and multi-religious fabric.

"There is also a sense of taking things for granted, especially when it comes to issues which are sacred to other people's faith, which must be addressed," said the state Yayasan Islam board member.