Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ngau earns kudos from See for highlighting students’ plights

Posted on August 27, 2013, Tuesday

See Chee How
KUCHING: Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau not only got a pat on his back from fellow assemblyman See Chee How for highlighting the plights of students in his constituency but also assurance of support for him to conduct a detailed study of all problems relating to education and health faced by rural schools.

See, Batu Lintang assemblyman, though first expressing that he was a little short of breath reading the news yesterday morning, affirmed sharing the same aspiration to improve on the planning and delivery of education and basic healthcare projects to benefit the rural students.

“It is above party politics and we are willing and ready to work with Barisan Nasional elected representatives and participate in such field studies and contribute our ideas to better the education and healthcare of our rural Sarawakians.”

In response to The Borneo Post’s front page story yesterday that students in SK Puyut Marudi had to take their baths in a nearby murky pond due to shortage of clean water, See pledged to air their plight in the next State Legislative Assembly sitting in November.

“In so doing, I will certainly amplify the needs for necessary solutions and better facilities to be put into operation and accountability of projects purportedly proposed for implementation in our rural schools in Sarawak,” See said.

Along with the assurance and affirmation, See also suggested that Ngau enlighten Baram member of parliament Anyi Ngau so that the regional disparity in development could be brought up in the Parliament and be resolved in promptitude.

“YB Anyi Ngau should invite the Minister of Education and Minister of Health to visit the various settlements in Baram. Such exposures are necessary as these senior ministers who are mostly West Malaysians and have confined themselves in Semenanjung Malaysia have no knowledge of and cannot comprehend the poor local situations in Sarawak and Sabah caused by the gulf of disparity in development between the east and west Malaysian states, and hence failure of the system,” See stressed.

See also suggested that Ngau look into other problems such as power supply, deficiency of facilities of boarding schools, transportation of children to schools, food rations in boarding schools and the delay in school development projects and dire need for pre-schools in each and every settlement.

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