Friday, August 16, 2013

‘Act against vile FB page administrators’

Lisa J. Ariffin

August 16, 2013
Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian accuses government of selective persecution as it has done nothing to stop postings insulting East Malaysians
PETALING JAYA: A Sarawak PKR leader has urged Putrajaya to take immediate action against perpetrators of a revived Facebook page insulting East Malaysians.
Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian said the authorities must act against the administrators of the ‘Semenanjung (Peninsular) Malaysia Anti Sabah & Sarawak’ fan page, which resurfaced recently.
“I can only describe this issue as disappointing. They (the government) shut the page down, and now they (administrators) have created another one,” said Baru.
“So what are the authorities doing? What has the government done to stop this?” he asked.
Baru claimed that no action was taken against perpetrators of the previous page, thus leading to “a second one coming out”.
He accused the government of ‘selective persecution’ and allowing such offensive material to be published.
“Right now the people are just watching and waiting for the government to take action, therefore as I see it, the government is very selective in its persecution,” he said.
“Now, the second one has come out. The government should act immediately, unless they are purposely allowing these kind (materials) to cause havoc,” he added.
Facebook page is ‘rubbish’
Meanwhile, Api-Api state assemblywoman Christina Liew described the Facebook page as ‘rubbish’.
“I only have one word to describe it… rubbish,” she said.
Baru mirrored his colleague’s sentiments and said: “It is very bad to make that kind of comments and to look down on Sabah and Sarawak”.
“They refer to Sabahans and Sarawakians as ‘stupid’ and ‘idiots’, and the fact that they are using religion makes the issue even worse,” he said.
“The only thing to do now is for authorities to step in immediately and investigate. This is clearly a breach of law and going beyond the line,” he added.
Yesterday, it was reported that the anti-East Malaysia fan page which was previously shut down had resurfaced on Facebook and is spewing racial and religious slurs.
From its updates, it is understood that there are several administrators located all over Peninsular Malaysia, who are strongly against Christians from East Malaysia.
Netizens’ responses have been divided, with supporters praising the group for “protecting Islam”, and those who oppose condemning the group for creating disunity among Malaysians.
However, it is clear that the page has been successful in using religion to divide Malaysians, with many users using Islam and Christianity as subjects of their arguments.

~ Free Malaysia Today

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