A majority of the police personnel are not breaking into a sweat over the setting up of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), says retired Kuala Lumpur Criminal Investigation Department chief Mat Zain Ibrahim.

Mat Zain said most of them are not even aware of the existence of the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) or what this organisation is all about, or its functions.

"I can say the men in blue fear the police discipline branch more than even the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. So whether the IPCMC is formed or not does not really make any difference to most of them," he said.
NONEHe claimed the persons really worried about the IPCMC are former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan (left) and attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail for the the roles they played in the Anwar Ibrahim'sblack-eye incident- a case in which Mat Zain was involved as the investigating officer.

"Both Musa and Abdul Gani realise that if a body such as the IPCMC is there - where both have no control or influence - and if it were to investigate the allegations against them, they know they are finished. Several others will go down with them as well.

"I believe this is the main reason Musa vehemently objected to the formation of the IPCMC during his time. Saying the IPCMC does not provide an opportunity to appeal for the police is not only a lame excuse, but an egotistical, selfish and self-serving reason with no concern about the needs and interests of others," he said.
NONEThe former top cop said Musa should have given thought to the serious consequences of his actions before committing what he allegedly did in 1998.

Musa had in an interview with
Malaysiakini last May admitted he took Anwar's blood samplewithout his consent after the former deputy prime minister was assaulted by former IGP Abdul Rahim Noor, while in custody at Bukit Aman.

He nevertheless defended his action, while Abdul Gani (
right) was allegedly involved in the fabrication of evidence in the controversial case.
Zahid's alleged assault

Mat Zain also questioned Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's reasoning that the IPCMC was unconstitutional and described it as an "arrogant and irrational" statement.
Before commenting on the matter, Mat Zain said Ahmad Zahid should first look at whether he has violated any provisions in the constitution or Penal Code when accepting his appointment as federal minister.

This, he pointed out, may mean Ahmad Zahid had not disclosed to the Agong the fact that there is a civil case pending against him for
alleged assault of a former businessman in 2006.
NONEHe argued that if Ahmad Zahid had been charged with the assault, it is possible he could have been jailed.

Previously, Mat Zain had asked why the Attorney
-General's Chambers had not charged Ahmad Zahid (right), when Abdul Rahim had faced such action for a similar offence when he assaulted Anwar.

The ex-top cop added that it was quite obvious that Ahmad Zahid wants to show he is concerned about the police's well-being and rights so as to gain their trust and the force will feel obligated enough to close both eyes on his assault case.

"Also, Zahid has to show that he fully supports Musa as the latter was the IGP at the material time and was the one who is believed to have covered up the assault case against the Ahmad Zahid, who was then only a deputy minister," he said.

Najib refuses to take action 

In lending his weight in favour of the IPCMC, Mat Zain hopes the commission can stop the wrongdoings in the police force since his retirement in 2001.

He urges Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to:
  • Allow the establishment of the IPCMC as recommended by the Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of Royal Malaysia Police with or without any variations, or
  • Establish a tribunal to adjudicate the conduct Abdul Gani and Musa based on police reports that had been made against the two and in particular the evidence in Najib's hand which he suspects have been suppressed since February 2009.
It had been reported earlier that Mat Zain knew that Najib had been informed of the abuses carried out by Abdul Gani and Musa but had refused to take action.

The former top cop had been urging a
 tribunal against Abdul Gani following the allegations, but it had been shot down.

~ Malaysiakini