Anti-crime activist R Sri Sanjeevan was attempting to reveal the names of police officers allegedly linked to drug syndicates before he was shot, says PKR director of strategy Rafizi Ramli.

NONEIn a Twitter posting today, Rafizi said he was approached by Sanjeevan (right) a day before the shooting, and he had asked for help in revealing the names of the rogue cops.

"I met Sanjeevan on Friday night. He talked about a list of drug related offences (and) wanted me to expose them. I said I will look at it later.

"Sanjeevan wanted my help to expose cops with links to drug syndicates," he posted.
"I am extremely shocked to find out he was shot," said Rafizi.

Just hours before the shooting, Sanjeevan had posted on Twitterthat a police officer had threatened to provide members of a syndicate with weapons to fire at his house.

Sanjeevan critical, but stable
Sanjeevan was shot in a cold-blooded fashion by two motorcyclists while he was driving, at a junction in Jempol.

Two men on a red motorcycle had came from behind and shot at him while he was having a cigarette and had his car window down.

The bullet hit the right side of his rib cage but he was able to speed off, some 300m away from the attackers.

He is now at Tuanku Ja'afar Hospital in Seremban, where he will undergo surgery to remove the bullet.

His condition has been described as being critical but stable.

Rafizi said he was not certain whether Sanjeevan's planned expose was related to yesterday's attempt to kill him.

The Pandan MP added that Sanjeevan was "on the right trail of something" and the information he had was genuine.

~ Malaysiakini