Thursday, July 11, 2013

Matriculation seats: Only bumis need apply

B Nantha Kumar

July 11, 2013
Education Ministry's official website for matriculation registration states that applicants must have Bumiputera status.
PETALING JAYA: The matriculation seat allocation for non-Bumiputeras has taken another strange  twist. The Education Ministry ‘s online application has blatantly stated only Bumiputera students can apply for matriculation places for next year students enrollment
A check by FMT showed the Malaysian Education Ministry official website has opened registration for matriculation places for the year 2014/15.
Unlike previous years, for the first time the ministry is insisting in the Applicant’s Qualification (Kelayakan Pemohon) that the applicants must have Bumiputera status (Pemohon mestilah pelajar bumiputera warganegara Malaysia) to apply for the seat.
And this has angered non-Bumiputera student and parents.
A Thiruvengadam, the president of Malaysian Indian Education Awareness and Wellfare Association (PKP-KIM) said that the department is deliberately “confusing” the non- Malay students in the online application by stating that only Bumiputera students can apply for matriculation places for next year students enrollment.
The ministry is also claiming that matriculation is a programme for SPM Bumiputera students (Program Matrikulasi Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia merupakan program persediaan bagi pelajar bumiputera lulusan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia).
The applicants also have to fulfill another requirement which they must identify themselves as Bumiputera or non-Bumiputera.
“This is something really unhealthy as the Education Ministry and Matriculation Department is attempting  to discourage the non-Bumiputera students by issuing confusing information in their official site,” Thiruvengadam told FMT.
“Despite Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s assurance that 1,500 seats are allocated for the Indians, the new “rule” implemented by Education Ministry is something unacceptable and is really shocking to the community,” he added.
He also asked  the students not to be panic because of the new conditions imposed.
“Since  yesterday I have received hundreds of calls from students and parents over the new matriculation rules. Thus, we want a clarification from Matriculation Department director Dr  Sariah Abdul Jalil.
He also alleged that Sariah could be the “culprit” over the problems faced by non-Malay students.
“As far as we have heard, Sariah has absolute power in giving seats to students. But, until today she has refused to meet the public.”
“This time she cannot be hiding behind the ministers. If Sariah fails to clarify the matter within two days then she should resign her position as the director of Matriculation Department.”
Thiruvengadam also urged Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan not to defend the new rules.
“Kamalanathan must realise that he is in the ministry to empower the Indian community instead of defending the ministry’s  racist policy,” said Thiruvengadam.

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